Who are you working on?

Just curious to know who everyone is working on. I am finishing up on Lilia Blick and then moving on to Libby.

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None right now :frowning: Broke my last needle while finishing up Kimber’s swirl. Then have Kimi to root after that.

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I’m still rooting Addy Hess’ hair. Larry Blick had the first few layers on but I can’t paint and root at the same time so he’s waiting for me.

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Struggling with Leah’s hair, so I can work on dumplin for the challenge, and start on my Luna doll❤️.


jsut started sugars hair today hopeing to have her done by the end of the week

I’m stuck on Celeste - missed the challenge deadline and still have not gotten back to her. Doing Rosebud for my daughter at the same time, so she is at the same stage. I’m laboring over whether their skin tones are done before I go on to eyebrows, varnish, hair and lashes. :confused:

I just finished Melody Stoete. Photo shoot tomorrow. Right now I am rooting a Nicole Blick. This one is a memory baby (child). Next up are two Victoria Michaels and three Chloe Murrays.

I’m working on Serenity LLE right now. I like her a lot. I hope I don’t mess her up before I finish her.

I just finished my Dumplin for the challenge yesterday, so I am currently not working on any babies. I will start Kaelin next week! :smile:


Willow, Do you have my email to send the pics to? You can send them by pm too if you want

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I have your email, but would it be easier to send the pics on the old PM page we started when I first met you? I could do that if you want! :smile:

Whatever works best for you :slight_smile:

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Or I could start a new PM page!

Ok! I can’t take pics of her yet because I don’t have a camera right now. But next week I will! :smile:

That would work too :smile:
Whenever you’re ready is fine

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Ok! Great!

I’m working on Jasper, Mathis, Estelle and both Presley and Kase Awake. I’m rooting Majara.
i don’t know who I love most. Mathis looks totally different from what I expected and I can’t seem to get him the right color.
I have Addy, Caleb, Thomas and Clyde waiting. Busy, busy, busy.


Wow, you have your plate full! Or should I say oven? Hehehe!! :laughing:


I’m working on Gabriel for a portrait baby, Emma and a mini Berenguer for reborns.com.

I’m working on Phoenix and I’m still rooting Lena which I will be doing forever. Hee Hee.
I am going to be starting Serenity as soon as she gets here because I can’t wait.