Where to buy blank full body silicones?

I’m looking into purchasing a BLANK full body silicone in a month or 2 that is at least 17" and has closed eyes but i’m not having much luck finding any that I like
where do you ladies that paint silicone get your kits?
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Machpersons sells a couple now the larger ones are over $1000 (full price)

There are a couple smaller ones that are about $400-$450 full price

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I may have lied :wink: I dont think they have large sleeping ones…

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I saw this place but they know nothing about them MYA Babies Shop - MYA Babies

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They will be at ROSE :slight_smile:

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I’ve been looking too and have been shocked by the prices! I saw a kit… unpainted baby for $1,600 :flushed:

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i saw the ones on mac’s i’ve been doing my research for a while :smile:
Probably won’t be able to get to rose until 2021 so i’m crossing my fingers I find one before then

i’ve looked on etsy, and at silicones from the bigger sculptors but most things are sold out :confused:

saw this website too a few days ago they’re sold out mostly too :frowning:

When I was looking to get a reborn, I was thinking of a silicone. I was told then that to purchase a completed silicone would be at least several thousand dollars – to get a good quality one. I can see why now. They are just so expensive to even buy the blank kit. I have no idea what tools and such are needed to make them. But, I decided I liked the vinyl ones. :slight_smile: And, then when I ordered from BB, I loved their vinyl. I am very happy with these. But I do understand that if a person is truly looking for a silicone that nothing else will do. BOL

I’ve been looking too, my problem is that I want a spine, armatures in the arms and legs, one piece pour and maybe a drink and wet system. Ridiculous of me cause I can’t afford one. Maybe I can find an unpainted one? Then save again to have it painted. It will still be too expensive. That is my dream baby. :upside_down_face:


I hope you can find one! Most of the blanks I see are little ones like 10 inches. I’ll keep an eye out for one though. Once I get good enough at sculpting I might be making some silicones this size, I’ll probably only really do preemies cause they’re my favorites. So like 15-17 inches generally.


Oh and I do want a preemie, biracial 16 inches, because the larger ones would be too heavy for me, lol!


This seller on eBay usually has some, and they’re reasonably priced!


Doris just finished sculpting and pouring her first silicone. Amazing work. You can see photos of her Genesis in progress.

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Thanks @Sydster and @kimomax DMH Studio is on here too right? @DM-HStudio or @DMHStudio


Yes, she is. She is currently on her way to the Rose Doll show.


I recommend joining Facebook groups. You can then post in the groups asking for what you want and see what’s available.

A lot of silicone artists also have layaways, even for blank kits. I recently put my first silicone kit on a 6 month layaway!
This is the kit I’m getting, which I’m super excited for :blush:


I’ve been looking on Facebook too

What kit is that and who’s it by
so cute :slight_smile:

Bibi asleep from this page