Where do you bake?

So we moved to a smaller home. I have a dolly room to myself, a spare bedroom. My hubby has a strange schedule for sleeping and sometimes naps/sleeps in the bedroom close to my dolly room. Our master is on the other side of the house. I bake in the dolly room and hubby is concerned the fumes are going out of the room and maybe poisoning us. I can put my oven in the garage but it’s so easy to leave it where I work. Plus the garage is part of his music room. When I bake I leave the room, close the door and have the overhead fan on. When it’s nice out I have the window open a bit. Where do you bake and what is safe? TY! :slight_smile:


I am ‘non-safe’ one. I bake where I paint and I sit next to it :wink:


Quite a few people bake outside/on a porch or in their garage but not everyone has those options. I use air dry so it’s not an issue for me.


I used to bake in my room In front of the open window with a fan pulling the air towards the window. My cat just died of Leukemia related lung issues. I may or may have not contributed by baking in my room with him in there breathing the fumes.
Now I have the oven in a spare room in front of a window with a bigger fan pulling air out.

The guilt I feel is pretty bad cause I’ll never know… other two cats and dogs are fine so far

I bake outside. I don’t think the fumes are safe and I know others bake inside. My opinion and preference is outside or in the garage and I don’t come back for over 30min.

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Hahah you crack me up!

Do you have a covered back porch? I have a screened covered lanai. I was concerned the bitter cold would damage my oven and not allow my dolls to cure correctly.

Nope, just the back on a table. We are about to 30-50s at night in the winter. A few times in the 20’s. It doesn’t stay out there, only when I am painting. Lol, I suppose it could crack but haven’t had that luck yet lol. Knock knock knock. I do change my temp according to the temp outside, when it is colder I bake 265 when it is 90-105 I do about 263 lol. Not sure if it makes a difference.

:woman_shrugging: lol don’t go by what I say, I’ve been guessing my way through this. I have a fear of melting a doll.


I bake outside and I walk away when doing so. Don’t stand over thx oven. Better safe than sorry. Imo.


We moved recently, too. In the house we left, I baked in the garage for six years. In our current rental there is no garage and no plugs for the oven on the porch. So, I bake with the NuWave on the toilet lid in the downstairs bathroom, with the door shut and the fan on.


Artist Donna Lee just posted this on FB about herself and Cheryl Webber. Worth checking out. I couldn’t get the link to work, so if you want to read the whole thing you’ll need to go to her Donna Lee Originals page on FB.


I bake in the garage with the garage door open. I haven’t had any issues with my oven cracking or anything like that. In the summer, I bake at 255, in the winter I do 260

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I bake inside since my desk is in my bedroom, my desk is right in front of a window so I bake with the fan on, pushing air out, and the window open. It’s been getting pretty cold but I don’t like to bake with the window closed so I just put on a blanket. I usually leave the room when I bake though.

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Holy crap! I’m glad I use air dry.


This stuff sometimes makes me wonder if I should go back to air dry.

I’ve dabbled with the idea of learning air dry but I am so set in my ways with heat set. I love it. When I read an about the steps and products of air dry it makes my head spin. Lol

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I am with you, Jean! So happy I do not bake my babies. The main reason is my health issues, and I don’t need/want anymore! Also, I just have a hard time thinking about putting a baby or its parts in the oven!

The fact is. We come in contact with toxic chemicals all the time. Teflon on pans can kill a bird in minutes. Knockoff makeup has been shown to contain toxic dyes and even urine.

Aerosol spray is toxic. Some essential oils can kill cats and birds.
Triclosan was in hand soap. Its a proven endocrine disruptor.

I wear gloves when painting and paint out in the open air. Walk away from it. I will usually go back inside and leave rhe parts on the porch baking.

Don’t live in fear. Be aware. Be vigilant. Do not bake inside. And do not bake knockoffs!!


I am new but I bake outside on my front step. Its just covered enough to keep the step dry, nothing big nor fancy. I also have baked outside with snow on the ground. I put a towel down when it is really cold to help separate the cold tile from the oven. My doll cured and so far my oven hasn’t cracked. I am not good at the final seal and matte varnish but I think thats more of a me problem and not the oven :rofl::roll_eyes::shushing_face:.My mom has stage 4 lung cancer so I don’t want to add even more toxins then I am already exposed to. Even if my oven cracked from baking outside I would not move it inside, but I see what she endures so I am way more cautious then I probably would have been.