Whats your turn off on a reborn?

For me… it’s scratches and the random pimples somewhere on the face. As soon as I see either… I keep scrolling. Also… badly painted hair.
What’s your turn off?


Creases not painted. Blank spot where the creases should be.
Also bad painted hair, like draw with a marker…


Yeah I am not a baby pimple person. If I’m going to buy a fake baby I want the fake baby to be close to perfect :joy::joy: Also why I wouldn’t get a baby with a sound box that cries. I get the draw to some extent but it’s not for me personally. Although I don’t mind reddish birthmarks and ruddy coloring. But more glaringly obvious scratches or pimples just detracts a lot of the time. Or overdone milia.


I am one of the few that doesn’t like painted hair. Even if the doll has exceedingly beautiful painted hair. If I’m paying $500 plus for a doll I want rooted hair.


Unshaded nostrils and creases!

Paint build up

Pitchfork rooting

Bad Brows

Sharpie hair

Freckles and pimples that look like squares


Painted hair, 3/4 legs (I can deal with 3/4 arms but don’t prefer them), fat bodies that look like teddy bears, cuddle babies, bad rooting, high coloured babies that look like they’re sick and abused (not all high colour babies but the very very high colour ones that look unhealthy). Thick unblended paint and more lol I am not a collector so wouldn’t buy a finished doll but these are some of the things I wouldn’t want if I were to buy one.


I keep, seeing all these baby pimples lately so white and large I get queasy, a newborn that need a dermatologist is a huge no go for me. Red blotchy skin with no rhyme or reason as to its placement is a pass also.


No paint on the sides and between fingers and toes drives me nuts!


Lashes rooted in the creases of the eyelids

Sleeping babies sitting up playing with toys

Baby acne

Thick white gunky nails

Crummy mohair that looks like it was rooted with a fork

Babies that look like they’re wearing lipstick


For me I hate the very overly manicured nails, like I’ve never seen a real newborn come out with a French manicure lol
Baby pimples all over the place
Overly stuffed babies where they look like a line backer


Yep I just don’t get it! Like hey if that’s what someone wants, by all means but I don’t do white tips on my dolls (granted I’m no high end artist yet either lol) and I paint my nails in light shades of red/pink with light hints of blue.
When my real babies were born, their nails and nail beds were reddish blur, not white lol


All of these plus a newborn sporting toddler hair (length)


Sharpie on a baby.

Long hair.

Babies that don’t look “painted” they just look blushed.

Babies dressed in shiny clothes or sports gear.

Shoes on newborns.

lipstick babies.

Babies that look like they are in pain.

Alternatives where babies are bloody or hurt.


Nikki, what about just a teensy bit of milia on the nose? :smile:



Private parts

Chalky paint

No creases

No blushing on the limbs

Bad eyebrows

badly rooted hair


Hairbows that are almost as big as the baby


Oh yes. That one is a big pet peeve.


I know, right??? It ruins a perfectly beautiful baby! :woozy_face:

And what is it with some babies that don’t even look like they have a single mottling layer??? I mean, they don’t even look like they’re painted sometimes, just thrown together with a price tag and off they go. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I actually do not like rooted dolls, so just for that I will keep scrolling.
I like painted hair if the artist can actually paint hair. If not, I scroll on.
I also am not interested in a doll that cries. After having three kids, why would I want to hear that? Lol
Milia that looks like the dots on dice.
Thick, gunky nail tips.
Bad lashes- either poor placement or too clumpy.
Pimples and scratches on face.
Little to no shading.

I am picky, but oh well. At the price point that I buy from not too many of these things should be an issue.


Misplaced, thin, afful painted eyebrows
Badly painted hair
Dirty creases/ Pulled paint
Scratches and pimples - that stuff stays with your reborn baby forever, don’t you want it to be healed?
Unshaded nostrils/ unseparated unshaded fingers for the fists/ unshaded ears
Mottling that looks like giant circles and all in geometrical pattern
Over blushed on cheeks like baby has an allergic reaction
Shiny vinyl/ unvarnished
Sharpy’s veins
Lipstick lips
Plugy rooting
Rooted eyelashes on open eyes babies that was rooted above a natural growing placement
Deceiving photography


Oh yes, how could I forget this?