What is wrong with this baby?!

He won’t sell. I have had him too long. He is listed for $265-ish. Is that too high? Bad pics maybe?


He looks great! Maybe try new pics. I have one that won’t sell either so I know the feeling. He’ll sell eventually, his price is not too high at all!

I don’t see a thing wrong with him. I think he’s adorable. Beautiful skin tones. Maybe try dressing him as a girl?

He is cute! I agree dress as a girl and maybe add some eyelashes.

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Dress him as a girl. That helps sometimes!

I agree. Try changing the gender and new photos. Sometimes that helps.

I have one that won’t sell :expressionless: . Never had it happen before. It’s not a nice feeling.
Try changing to a girl and see if that works!

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Do the hair and add better pics of it. From his listing you can not see it well. Also he/she is sculpted by Aleina Peterson. In your listing you have Denise as the sculptor, she isnt. It is a portrait sculpt of Aliena’s daughter.


Thank you all! I have tried him as a girl before and he got even less attention. I will try again with new photos. I will also fix his listing :slight_smile:

Try dressing as a girl using lighter colors, add a hairband or hair bow. I think his colors will pop better if the dark clothing is removed. Girl him up

Ooo, I don’t have a charcoal grey one yet. Are there any other colors that are good to have on hand for brows? I have eyelashes on order.

a customer asked me for hair pictures so I thought I’d throw a couple on here. He was rooted with curly mohair which I am having trouble styling. I’m about to let him go as a boo boo baby because I get so little interest in him as a boy and even less interest in him when I had him as a girl :confused:


He is locally listed for $145

So for curly hair try spritzing with water and scrunching it into curls with your hand…

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So should I try to style it or brush it at all or just scrunch?

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If you want baby to have curly hair you can also take small sections of the damp mohair and curl around a pencil or a paintbrush. When it dries you can pick them apart a bit and you’ve got curls!

I would brush it out then spritz and scrunch into a style. Or wrap pencils like she mentions :slight_smile:

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He does look a little better post brush and scrunch. I dodon’t want curls so much as ethnic hair (which I know nothing about)


That does look better but I do think curls would be cute and appropriate too. I made these with a pencil. He’s a very cute baby, by the way :slight_smile: I love the skin tones.


And here are the girl photos. I am still so put out with this doll.