What gue should I use?

Hi ladies, need info. I have not learned how to root yet. I put eyelashes on the babies. I cot them shorter and they are wispy. I want to glue them but I don’t know what glue I can use safely. Do you ? I have E 6000, but I’ve only used it in the eyes with felt. It’s very toxic. I think it would destroy the lashes and ruin my baby. Help please ?

I have no input as for glue but I would highly recommend rooting lashes it is so much easier then worrying about glue etc. I do use e6000 to secure my rooted lashes. A lot of people also glue rooted heads with e6000 so it should be fine although it smells something awful until it is fully cured!

I’ve read of people using gemtac or Aleens tacky glue

You can use the spyglass to search lash glue if no one pipes up with the 100% sure answer

MP glue for eyelashes is the best!

Thanks, but what is the whole name ? Or just MP glue ?

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Oh sorry, ‘MP’ stand for MacPherson.
Here is the link


Do you have rooting stuff? I agree to root , it’s very easy to do lashes! I’d be happy to do a zoom chat to show you how anytime.


Very cool @karyn :heart::heart:

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In this day and age we’re capable of doing a lot without being in the same country! I’d happily do that for anyone who is learning.


Not on the topic. I read a lot about Zoom Chat on this forum. Is it better than WhatsApp or any other apps?

I do zoom chats, houseparty and facebook messenger and don’t have a preference. Zoom has limited minutes to chat unless you pay, houseparty seems like everyone that you want to let in can just join. I think I say zoom in a generalization like a q-tip is the brand name but I say it rather then “cotton swab”… All are good and let us get some socialization right now!

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