What dollis this

When you go to BBhome page who is the first baby you see?

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I think it’s real baby Laila.

I would love to know as well! I hope she will be a Realborn!
Hopefully B.B. will chime in!

I want to know too! I asked a little back but they must have been busy.

I don’t think that is Laila as she is Asian.

Well, then, I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that the one in the picture is a real baby. If not, I’d give anything to be able to reborn like that.

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This baby? She must be the real baby of a kit that hasn’t been debuted yet. Whoever she is, I want her! :heart_eyes:


My guess is this is a kit, maybe not ready to be sold as a kit yet but look at the eyes. There is vinyl quite thick around the bottom rim of the eye, real eyes are not thick like that, the eyeball sits right against your lids, top and bottom. I think it’s a vinyl. Maybe it is someone who will be out in the future??

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Are you talking about the one that is a large picture and really pretty headwrap?

If so, I have to say I thought I saw a name once. But maybe not. I’d like to know, too.

That’s the one. I want one to. I’m doing Laila right now and this doesn’t look like her. Maybe open eye thing.


Maybe tagging @EmilyBB , @AnnDee66 or @bbsupport will get an answer.

That is a real baby, maybe a new kit coming soon but that photo is 100% real baby.


That’s a real baby. I’m sure she will be an upcoming Realborn

I see the eyes underneath yes they look like vynil with that thickness

My grandson had thickness like that under hhs eyes. And he’s very much a real baby. :wink:


I think the baby is Asian perhaps they tend to have a thicker bottom eyelid area… I assumed it was Laila.

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I want a kit of your grandson.

It’s not Laila, I don’t think.

I do think she is Asian or biracial (caucasian and asian).

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