What dollis this

Me too!!! Thank you!

Very true. Laila is much darker than this baby.

Also Laila has dark hair and the other baby has blondish hair.

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All I see is Caucasian and could be baby or not :blush:

I know it’s been a few months. It was hard holding my tongue. We decided to wait to announce her until closer to her release. We are about to send out an email of her first prototypes.

This adorable little girl is my daughter Jennie. When she was born I too thought she looked Asian. She looked so different than my other two kids Dominic and Alexa.


The awake and sleeping versions are being released together, correct? What is her ETA?

Estimated time of arrival

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As of now we don’t have an exact time frame, but I’m super hoping we can release her on her 1st birthday which is in two months!


This is so exciting! Jennie is too darn cute! I can’t wait to get my hands on her kits. :heart_eyes::heart:️️

@cajuncuties Yes, the awake and sleeping version will be released at the same time. Then they can be reborn as twins!


@JennieBB She is gorgeous! I cant wait for her kits!



I’m glad you posted these pics. I remember seeing them a few days ago. But I couldn’t remember which post they were on. They are sooooo cute. :heart_eyes:

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I believe they are asked. It is not easy to get to be a Prototype artist!!

It definitely is not!! Contest is increasingly becoming popular by sculptors which is great for those who have never done a prototype.

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