What does your husband think?

I think mine appreciates the art form of the hobby and he was very impressed with my first doll. But he also says they truly creep him out. I reborn because we have three kids and always wanted as many as God would give us. But we got my tubes tied when I was 26 because I got pregnant so easily and they were all c-sections. We got scared. :frowning: We got them untied three years ago and not a single pregnancy. These babies allow me to enjoy looking at a “baby” even though its not real. I dont think he understands what reborning means to me. He sometimes makes derogatory comments and picks on me lol. I really love these little ones and even though they arent the real thing, its special to me to be able to enjoy a baby when presently I’m not able to have any more.


My husband loves anything that makes me happy. Each time I finish one I take it to him, put it in his arms, and tell him it’s name. He looks at the baby very seriously and says something nice about it. That is the birth moment. I look at the clock and that is the time I say they were “born”. He never complained about all the money I spent on the hobby, but now that it pays for itself, I can tell he is relieved. He would pay almost any cost to assure my happiness. I am one lucky lady. We’ve been together over 30 years now, and are still in love! He doesn’t think the babies are creepy at all by the way. He finds them amazing.


Helen… Hearing you describe your hubby almost sounds exactly like mine! Are we sure that they are not related in some form? :slight_smile:


I would love to be related to you! I’m glad to hear that you have a loving husband too. It makes so much difference, doesn’t it?


Absolutely! He has always been so very sweet and kind but when I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008, he became even more sensitive. The thought of losing me was more than this poor man could handle. We put my life and health in God’s hands and He provided me with an amazing oncologist who handle my treatment so well that I went into remission after the first round of chemo. Four more rounds followed and while my counts were really low during that time, the cancer never came back. I just celebrated 7 years years of being cancer-free in December - praise God!


Mine is like ehhh… he is glad I have a hobby to keep me busy he has never said anything about how many babies I have or the cost but when I take one to show off after I get it finished I’m like “look at her she is sooo pretty right” and he goes sure whatever haha.


Mine thinks they are pretty amazing. He says they ‘give atmosphere’ to the house and appreciates them as actual works of art…If I ever hand one to him to hold, he is as careful with it as anyone one would be with a new baby. (It is quite cute to see…)
I had thought of giving it up several years ago due to some health issues with nerve damage in my neck and I think it was harder on him than it was me when I sold my paints, sculpts, oven, etc and didn’t make any for about 5-6 months. ha! …He is very supportive…I am very blessed! :smile:


Our stories are very similar! I had 4 children back to back and they were ceseareans… So I had a tubal ligation, The Drs scared me into it. I later had a tubal reversal. I hope I can encourage you by saying that it took me a while but I did conceive again. 3 times after that. They were all ceseareans as well. Our hearts are the same, open to as many as the Lord gives. My baby is 3 now and no signs of any more coming. It’s hard to think of. I don’t think that baby desire will ever go away for me. I love the reborns because of the art and the baby aspect. It does help since I don’t have a tiny one anymore. I can at least look at baby clothes for a reason. :slight_smile:

My husband is very supportive. He even takes me and all our children to doll shows. He buys me dolls (and he would always much rather by jewelry etc) And brags on my artistic ability to others… My oldest daughter is 16, and reborn (hi Madison :heart:) and he is supportive to her as well. I think he sometimes can get a little creeped out though lol. And his interest waxes and wanes. I’m pretty happy with how he handles things though. I don’t think he understands that “desire” for a baby. Or how much fulfillment many women get just by cuddling one. Real or not. I don’t think most men would understand that. He will pick on me here and there but that’s just his personality. He picks on me about lots of things. He keeps our house lively and I love him so much.

I completely understand every word you wrote though and can relate in so many ways.



JR doesn’t get reborns, but he thinks it is cool that all of us girls love it. :0)


My husband is so sweet and supportive of everything I do. He wants me to be happy, and if that means making babies, alrighty then. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, I have always been a crafter of some sort whether it was painting landscapes on saws, making teddy bears or Cabbage Patch babies, quilting, crocheting, candlewicking, embroidery, cross stitch, tole painting…the list goes on and on. He lets me be ME. It’s worked out very well for almost 38 years now!

I am blessed to have such a great guy.


We all know how my hubby feels! But he just bought himself a brand new Harley… So, I’m hoping he has less to say about my doll habit. Actually, I’m thinking I need a few more things… :wink:


Oh what a blessing. God is so faithful. I am so glad you are still here with your husband and with us!


Oh Nikki! You are so funny!


I bought my hubby a Harley Sportster back a few years ago…I even made a room for it to stay in out of half the work shop off the garage…hahahaha! It was really supposed to be a joke as part of his birthday but he loved it and that is where he parked his bike…lol I found an old 1950’s cabinet that I painted black and silver and cut out symbols from a Harley Border and made decals then varnished over them. I found a little old fashion bed frame and painted it the same and painted pinstripes and bought a silver and gold crank case cover and bolted it to the end of the bed…Then made pillows and a lamp shade cover from harley bandanas…lol and I made a little orange and black side table cover, (I make no claims to being a great seamstress but it is the thought that counts, right?) and downloaded pictures of Harleys off the internet and framed them and a few little toy Harleys to sit around…and I found a concrete plaque and painted it for him (sorry the photo is a bit blurry unfortunately). I did it while he was a work in the mornings for about a week before his birthday and forbade him to enter till his birthday…He was pretty surprised…
Here it is…lol


Yes, Nikki @Nikkiroc, remind your hubby of his expensive Harley when he starts giving you a hard time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thankfully, my hubby is very supportive of me, no matter what I do. He know that making the babies makes me happy and he truly enjoys the work involved and encourages me to learn more so I can be even better. Helen @honojane, when a baby is “born”, I then dress it and place it in my hubby’s arms for him to “meet”. This used to be a 2 second process but now he talks to it and welcomes it to the family. He won’t kiss it…that’s just pushing things too far, but he’ll let me help the baby to kiss him on the cheek. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, Starr, that is an awesome room! No wonder your hubby loves it!!


It was strictly for his harley and he got a kick out of showing off that his harley had it’s own room since we don’t have any kids here in Oz…lol


Wow Starr! That’s amazing! You are a great wife! I think this would be a super project for him to do for himself!!! Lolololol I will show him the pictures!! And he can be busy and out if my hair so I can work on the babies!!! I love it! He bought a soft tail…


Oh, nice, Nikki! My hubby and I used to ride. I do miss it but really don’t have the time. I don’t miss being hot and sweaty or freezing cold, though. Here’s me on my hubby’s bike a few years ago. Ok, looking at the pic, I do miss it…


Nice!!! You go Amy!!! Yes… All of those reasons are why I have no interest. I hope he isn’t planning on me to be his bike bunny! :grimacing::wink: