Very pale kits and soft

Hi ladies , I just bought some kits on BB. Are these kits a new type of vinyl ?. Don’t get me wrong I love BB. These are gorgeous and delicate. The sculpting is not as visible as the older kits. I know they will be easier to root. Anyway just wondering. Tell me what you think.

I actually worry about vinyl being too soft :grimacing:. I was rooting a very soft head recently and it caved in with every ‘poke’. I would rather root a hard head with a lamp

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What kits? Is it one of the close outs from the second factory? If yes that’s been the vinyl for the past couple years though they e been tweaking it with every batch I guess and have finally gave up and won’t be using them anymore.

So many issues with that vinyl :pleading_face: I watched the paint on my Courtney literally disappear before my eyes. :pleading_face:

I’m sure some of it has to do with having to come up with new vinyl recipes due to supply shortages

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OMG I noticed it to- paint is not sticking to it ESP the finger tips and toes (Genesis) - I feel like the quality went down- I’m also working on Gouchin and the difference is astonishing- the Gouchin kit vinyl is amazing-
The BB kit has been stripped twice now- so disappointed :frowning:

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My Gabriella Schick (non BB kit) has a very soft head with thin vinyl. So she wears wigs. My Mom wore wigs so it is appropriate.


I thought paint not sticking to fingertips and toes was a me thing. I can never get paint to look good or stick :pleading_face:

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