Utilities going up

I’m upset. Our utility company, P.G & E. is raising our gas prices 9.4%. That means the average household will be paying about $210 per month for gas and electricity. I guess I’m just going to have to be cold and use alternate sources of light. I’m so sick of being taken advantage of by big corporations.


That’s a big increase, and at a time when literally everything has gone up. I"m not sure how some families will get by.

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I’m so sorry. :cry: PG&E is a horrible company. I lived within their Monopoly for years. I moved to the Sacramento area and now I am able to use SMUD which is much more reasonably priced.

Here are links to some information that might be helpful for you.

Solutions for seniors

CARE & FERA enrollment

Energy saving assistance program

Once annual REACH payment assistance

Ours has gone way up too. You would think that Senior Citizens would get some kind of break. :weary:


Ours (in northern Alberta) was 390 this month, but I’ve heard many with higher bills

Gas and electric


Yep ours is higher!!!

They think we did. Social Security went up and they took half of it back in increased Medicare deductible.


I have just started the process. But Wow!

Make sure you get a good supplement with Medicare. Be wary of Medicare Advantage plans. They’re cheaper but they have lots of co-payments for anything other than office visits, some of them hundreds of dollars.


Thank you! That is good to know.

Utilities going up…food going up…gas going up…used car prices through the roof…and jeanhai is right ss went up but they got most of it back through medicare…i actually just started my social security this month…and over half goes for medicare…:tired_face:


Mine will probably just be all medicare. So sad.

My gas bill was $508 for December. Last year it was around $300. Price per therm went from $1.80 to 5.80 and we used less this year than last year. Since my youngest moved out I leave our thermostat at 62 when we leave and at night and 65 when we are at home. This December was a little warmer than last. I hate to see what our January bill will be when it’s been about -1 during the day and 20 below at night.

I, and some of my neighbors, live on just social security. Your gas bill was slightly above 2/3rds of my monthly income. This is craziness! People have to choose between staying warm enough to not freeze to death or having enough food to eat. It’s so wrong. My son is on disability and we live together. He helps as much as he can. I don’t know how I’d make it without his help.


For those of you on limited incomes who have Medicare, see if you qualify for Medicare Extra Help. (2022 income limit is $20,385 for an individual or $27,465 for married couple). Some people with slightly higher income can qualify for partial extra help. You can find out online. If you do, your prescription costs can be greatly reduced and your Medicare deductible waived which means that money stays in your pocket. My $350 (with GoodRX discount, almost $800 without it) brand name prescription drug is now $9.30 and generics are $3.00. It’s absolutely worth the small amount of effort it takes.


Hopefully we can get this worthless administration Out of office soon! Completely ruining this country.


@Vanniek he didn’t cause this. The pharmaceutical companies have. It was a huge problem long before he took office. Please let’s not make this political. I just wanted to let people know they may qualify for help if they need it.


Not to mention the ridiculous mandates!! Made to wear and mask. Made to take vaccines. If I want to I will if I don’t I won’t!! Same for everyone! It’s just a disgrace. Communist


I totally agree, I don’t know how many older folks on fixed incomes survive! I too live on SS and thank God my brother helps me a great deal.

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@trilliants Bingo and I live in a small community. We also have a Solar Farm for our city. @PenelopesRebornDolls Thanks for that info. One day our Seniors will be respected. It is so different in other countries. Most take care of their seniors. It has not been that way in the US.
@Vanniek Not going there. Love you!!

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