Updated list. Kits for sale. Deep discounted prices! More added

Kits and parts for sale!! Send me your zip code for shipping cost

Kits and parts for sale!!

19" Ella $15 (SOLD)
22" Kyle $15 (SOLD)
26" Cuddles $20 (SOLD)
23" 3M Joseph Awake $30 (SOLD)
23" 3M Joseph Asleep $30 (SOLD)
17" BB Girl Nod full body $40 (SOLD)
30" Emmy $30 **(SOLD)
BB Clyde sleeping $20 (SOLD)
9month June Awake $60

Amelia crawler $35 (no torso)
Kyra $50
17" BB SOLE Adalyn $50
Realborn Lavender Awake $70

17.5" Myloh by Laura Turizio Ross $70 (SOLD)
23" LLE Tobiah $115 (SOLD)
21" Asriel Asleep by Jorja Pigott $85(SOLD)
28" Mei Ling by Adri Stoete $60 **PENDING
20" April By Joanna Kazmierczak $150 (SOLD)
Bellami by Samantha Gregory $50 (SOLD)
Jamie by Adrie Stoete $60 (SOLD)
Alexa Marie by Jamie Lynn Powers (comes with signed body from sculptor) $70 (SOLD)

24"-26" Elf Venera by Olga Tschenskaja $90
Jaylan by Laura Tuzio Ross $95
Liam by Bonni Brown $110
Twin B $75

$15 plus shipping
Holly β€œ22 (SOLD)
Kitten 26” (SOLD)
Heather "22 (SOLD)
Ashley Awake β€œ17 (SOLD)
Clyde Awake 18” *(SOLD)
Raine (SOLD)
Lulu (SOLD)

Limbs $10 or two for $15 plus shipping
Anna legs β€œ17
Cadence set β€œ16 (SOLD)
Scarlet legs β€œ21
Miles arms and legs set 16” $15
Ella arms 18”
Kendal legs 22”
Honey legs 20"
Tracey arms and legs set 21" $15 **PENDING
Moby legs 20"
Juliet arms **PENDING
Bella legs 17.5"
Daisy legs 18"
Scarlet legs
Presley sleeping arms
Johanna sleeping arms
Miles arms 16"

Biracial tummy plates 18-22" $10
Biracial tummy plates 18-22" $10
Boy tummy plate 18-22" $10 (SOLD)
Boy full body torso 19-20" $25 (SOLD)
Girl full body torso 19"-20" $25 (SOLD)
3mJoseph full torso $20 (SOLD)
3m Joseph full torso (SOLD)


How much for your Clyde 2nd and is he all there?

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Interested in the Laura lee eagles baby 20632

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PM sent

It’s just the head even though it looks like a limb behind him in the pic. But I will double check this evening when I get home. Took so many pics that I cannot remember

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No problem :grin::wink:

Bumped for updates

Interested in April by Joanna K
Does she have her body and COA?
What’s shipping to 46158?

Yes body and coa

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list updated with price drop prices

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I would like lavender Asleep zip code 60416

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Okay. Will inbox you.

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Interested in the heads

Which head?

Holly , trace, heather and ashley awake
And do you ship to South Africa

Would you happen to have any arms that would work with the Scarlett legs?

How much for april

Sorry, just now seeing this. Are you still interested? April sold already.

Bump for added kits

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Can you please update your kits for sale? I know this thread is kind of old… Thanks :slight_smile:

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