Updated list. Kits for sale. Deep discounted prices! More added

Yes I will definitely update this list. I also have more including non BB to add to this list


Sorry everyone. I will try to go through my stash to update this list. Please bear with me. I’ve been working on several customs this week and haven’t gotten a chance. I have a few more non BB kits to add to the list as well.



I am sooooooo sorry everyone. I have been so busy but I am sorting through the kits right now and will be posting and updating the list today. Here’s a sneak peek of all that will be for sale…


:open_mouth: can’t wait to see what you’ve got in that stash!

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Updated post

Updated :blush:

I am interested in your Clyde sleeping Zip is 60416

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I don’t see the update :frowning:

Scroll up!

Oh I am sooo sad! I’ve been wanting Asriel asleep! :sob: I wasn’t quick enough

How much is adalyn?

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How much for Raine head shipped to 98271

Would u accept post office money order or Walmart to Walmart?

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Oops, didnt realize that I didnt put her price on there. She’s $80.

I messaged all who inquired. Pls check your dm

Is Clyde Sleeping still available?

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Thanks, but I think I’ll pass for now.

He’s pending.

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I have one if that one sales. PM if interested!

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@Skylar Sent PM Thank you!