Toddler, Emmy

I promised my daughter forever ago I would paint her toddler Emmy kit. The reason I haven’t done so yet is because I’m terrified of it! Lol.
I’ve ready so many horror stories about painting toddler kits, but the prototype of Emmy is adorable. I’m pretty sure my version will look nothing like it, but I’m going to give it a go. This will be my first kit before I start on any others. (Promises are promises)

Before I begin, do you guys have any tips, or suggestions that would be helpful? I have no clue how to paint a toddler, so any help (and prayers) would be appreciated! I am assuming I would tackle it like a newborn kit, but with less mottling?
No clue what I’m doing but I do know the experience will be interesting. Lol.

Also, I’d love to see your Emmy dolls! Please share pictures if you have any. :heart:

Thank you!


I am just starting an Emmy myself, the first one. But I’ve done lots of other toddlers, and I don’t consider them harder. In fact, I like having less mottling, veining, etc. to do. The smooth skin, IMO, is easier. Rooting is more time consuming though. Here are a few of my past toddlers.
My Wesley is from Channelle by Jannie DeLange
My portrait babies of my granddaughters Sam, Alex, and Megan. Sam is from Tippi, Alex is from another Channelle, and Megan is from Aubrey.

I’ve also got a Mei Lin by Ping Lau and I can’t find the picture.


Some did not load, sorry.

@pschomaker So cute!! Thank you for the feedback. What kind of hair did you use? I love the look of yours. Also, are you using round or oval eyes for Emmy?

To be honest, I’m not happy with the hair on Sam and Alex. It is from a synthetic wig. I wanted hair long enough to do pigtails and couldn’t afford the real thing. I plan eventually to get human hair for them and re-root them. I am using round eyes on Emmy. Big blue ones.

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I’ve done 1 toddler and am now working on toddler #2 and #3, I find them easier to paint and quite enjoyable too. I do advise using string(or clean wire) to hang the parts to dry, they’re pretty heavy for the typical drying racks.


That’s probably why I liked your hair then, it is synthetic. Lol.
I haven’t found a mohair I like yet.

So cute!! Love the freckles!

One thing I’d suggest (I do this myself) is to use a pale lip color to shape the mouth the way that you want it before you start painting the rest of it. That way, if you’re not happy with it, it’s easy to take it off without worrying about taking off paint around the mouth. Once I have it the way I want it, I paint the head and face and add additional lip color.


Great advice, thank you!

Those heads are adorable. I also love the freckles. Got to try that some time.

Well I took a step! Emmy just had a nice bath and is now drying! Olivia is going to be soooo excited!! I think I will post step by step progress as I move along in this thread. Y’all can maybe give me thumbs up if I’m going in the right direction or thumbs down if I need to correct something. Lol.
I will say, this kit has a MASSIVE head! Wow! I can’t imagine the real Emmy’s head being this size?


LOL, Caleb and Petunia next to it … :rofl:

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I like your drying racks. Your work is really nice. Love the coloring.

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I have one coming from BB. I may use different limbs on mine. Have to check out the head size first though. Good luck! It’s scary because they are big but just take your time and you’ll be fine.


Lol, they’re dog grooming arms!

And thank you! I’m so unconfident with my work it’s nice to hear some good things :slight_smile:

More progress with them today!


Here is my Emmy. I did not root her I used a wig. I keep debating if I want to pay someone to root her or not.


So cute and mischievous with those freckles!

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I wouldn’t get her rooted. The wig is perfect!

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Julie, the wig is cute, I’d leave her alone!! Good job!

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