Thoughts on Customer service?

I had an unfortunate experience with my first order from Macphersons. I will include the ticket convo to customer service. I would just like some feedback on if my demands were unfounded here. It really doesn’t matter now, as I’ve started to paint the doll and do what I can. I use ghsp with the primary method and I don’t use flesh colors…that’s what I’m talking about in the reply. Guys, these blue dots are EVERYWHERE! It is like someone poured the vinyl and mixed blue glitter in with it. I wish the pictures did it justice because there are so may that my camera doesn’t pick up. I have tried the acne medication trick, brush cleaner, magic eraser. I believe they are IN the vinyl not on the surface. Regardless, I really wanted them to send me a new kit and I would send this one back because I need the kit for a custom and they are the only ones I found to have it. I don’t believe that I should have to try all these methods to “cover them up.” Especially for such an expensive kit. And never once did they apologize for sending me a defective kit. It was just, basically, sorry you’re SOL. I will put the pics of dots here and reply with the customer service convo.

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That is unacceptable for such expensive first quality kit!


No way! Demand a replacement.


I had a similar experience with them so I try hard not to order from them anymore.


Ugh. If it wasn’t a custom and was just for myself I would charge what I paid and make it a booboo baby. This sucks.

Have you baked it? If you have that’s why they won’t replace it. If not then I would ask for a refund.

Wow. BB has better customer service and there kits are half the price or less. I don’t see how it’s common? I have gotten several kits from BB without a single spot…even there seconds kits aren’t as bad as the photos you show (none of the ones I’ve gotten anyway)
I have only ordered from MacPherson 3 times to date and they are fast I’ll give them that, but one order had one eye shattered upon arrival, and one was missing the body I ordered.
They should replace the kit and pay return shipping

When we had the conversation I hadn’t done anything but washed it. After they offered a refund, which is not what I want, I started to paint and bake.

I agree. I was totally ready to ship it back so I could get a new one sent but they just said they would refund me. Maybe I’m just sensitive but, I feel like the messages are rude. Like it’s my fault and they’re mad at ME. I was super nice until they said that I’m just going to have to deal with it. Then, I got pissed off.

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I had similar problems a couple of years ago and was told to creatively cover it up as well. I pretty much responded like you did: Why should I on any kit, but especially one that costs over $100? Seconds kits from BB were in better shape than what I got.

In the end I did just end up covering it up the best that I could and just didn’t order from them for over a year. Eventually a custom forced me to order from them once again. The shipping was quick, kits were in good shape ect., so I continued ordering from them and have not had any problems since. It’s a little disappointing to see this kind of thing coming up again.

I’m also really surprised about the kit. Bonnie is super particular about everything. No matter what dealer they came from, her kits have always been in perfect condition.

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Seems like a recurring thing and they just don’t care about customer service. I’m bummed because it was the first time I ordered from them and now I won’t again.


Some of those look like imbedded metal…which can happen as pieces of the mold can go into the vinyl.

I use GHSP and…sorry…I don’t care how many layers…I don’t think these would cover up.

Maybe the reason they offered a refund is that they didn’t have any more kits? Not sure.

But this is NOT a “firsts” quality kit…I wouldn’t even take it as a “seconds” quality kit



Quite honestly, I find MacPherson to be very hit or miss with customer service. I’ve had some truly great service from them, I won’t lie - but I’ve also been appalled by some of their responses. I had purchased a sale kit with several major black dots, and when I posted here asking for advice, MacP jumped into the comments to attack me, insist I was a buyer who just couldn’t be made happy, etc. I was very willing to forgive and forget when they helped me out wonderfully with a lost package, but it’s disappointing to see this attitude coming out again. You absolutely deserve a replacement.

MacPherson needs to understand that they are a business. Businesses serve their customers by providing the product that the customer has paid for. If the product is not the product that the customer has paid for due to damage present prior to shipping, mistake of the company, etc, then the company has not fulfilled its obligation to the customer. When MacPherson sees that they as a business need to act, their service is fabulous! But when they forget that they are a business and choose not to take responsibility, their service is some of the worst I’ve ever seen.

I know this will make MacPherson ‘mad at me’ again, but I’m tired of emotionally catering to a company!


I’ve ordered quite a bit from Mac’s and never had any problems. Reading your conversations with them it seems like they are willing to have the baby picked up and refund your money. Maybe that would be the best thing to do and you can purchase the kit from someone else. Good luck with this issue.


My thoughts exactly.

I can’t find it anywhere else. :frowning: has him on sale for $64.00. Maybe you should take the refund from MacPherson’s and buy it there.

I have never had a problem with @MacPhersonCrafts that has not been fairly resolved. The offer of a refund seemed VERY fair.