Thor has arrived early...unboxing video included!

It’s about time that I came back. I still haven’t started painting yet because I have been unmotivated, depressed, and working on my health. I’ve lost 9lbs in the past month and I’m up to walking 2 to 2.5 miles 7 days a week. I’m eating more vegetables and cut back on processed foods (except steamable vegetables in the freezer section when I need something quick).

Anywho, now for the real reason you clicked…not to hear about me, but to see my new baby. He is my first ever purchase from reborns. He is the Gabygail asleep kit by Claire Taylor.

Since he’s the older brother, I had to find him before I made my Loki from the Linda kit by Linde Scherer. In case you haven’t already guessed, my new baby is Thor.

NOTE The following photos are the Artist’s own photos (not my work, nor my photos). Thor just got sent out today and I should receive him around the beginning of next week.


Congratulations! I saw that Gaby Gail. It has a very unique face.


he’s a cutie!

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Aww…thank you very much @jeanhai! :revolving_hearts::blush::revolving_hearts: I loved his face cause the lips reminded me a little of Levi’s, but on a bigger baby (which is perfect because since Loki will be 19in, Thor will be 23in so I can definitely keep with the big/little brother scheme). Also, since Loki will be awake, I wanted Thor asleep and since they are not blood related brothers because Loki was adopted…didn’t have to worry about them looking alike. It all worked out perfectly and was another way my hubby has tried to hint and inspire me to get back to painting. lol



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Aww…Thank you very much @Mommarobin! :revolving_hearts::blush::revolving_hearts: I’m glad you think he’s a cutie too! I can’t wait to see him in person! This is probably the only time I’ll ever say that I hope the weekend flies by for me cause I can’t wait to get him early next week. lol


How exciting for you hopefully this will be just what you need to inspire you back into painting your own babies I imagine it will be awesome for you to check out another artist work up close


Love him he has sutch a cute and sweet face

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I sometimes have to inspire myself to paint there are a lot of times i am to tired or have migraines
But when i am feeling oke i love to paint and the dolls came out better to
Just take your time you have to heal to now
I am curious how you Loki wil look when you have made him


Your bub is cute and it’ll be nice to see him with his brother. I’m sure you’re excited!

I’m so happy to have an update from you. Sounds like you’re moving right along in your weight loss/fitness. Hopefully your depression and lack of motivation will begin to ease up soon. Winter weather can be difficult to find your own sunshine in. I really hope your new baby helps brighten your life.

Also, 2.5 miles is kicking some serious butt! I hope you know that you should be very proud of yourself! I know I am.


@PhotographyForLife Yes! I’m very excited to get my first actual reborn from another artist. :confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada:

The only reborns I’ve ever had were boo-boo babies that were slightly above my painting skill level…now I’ll actually have a baby from a skilled artist…she’s already got me on painted hair, that beautiful light skin complexion and moist looking plump lips, and definitely on the eyebrows (cough…Josie…cough). :joy::joy::joy: I’m hoping it will help to have a “live” model to see how the hair and eyebrows look in person.

@ineke1957 Aww…I’m glad you love him! I can’t wait to see him in person and hold him. I also can’t wait to eventually get started on Loki, cause they are going to be SO cute together. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I’ll definitely post photos together when I get to Loki.

@TrinityCrystal Aww…I’m glad you think he’s cute too! :revolving_hearts::blush::revolving_hearts: Yes, I can’t wait to paint Loki and pose them together. I’m going to have to find them Halloween costumes that look like Thor and Loki’s movie outfits.

I’m definitely happy with my walking progress. My goal is to finally make it to 3 miles in an hour. I can do 2 miles in about 48 minutes. I just keep walking till my hour is up, no matter the distance. I have issues with blisters and plantar fasciitis in my feet, so I have to stick close to only an hour until my feet build up calluses and I stop getting blisters. If I try to go too fast or push it too long, i can barely walk the next day and I don’t further my progress, so I’m learning to slowly build up to avoid having to be down multiple days to recover. I’ve only missed one day for an entire month and that was because my feet hurt so bad I was in tears. I’ve started propping them up on pillows, wearing compression socks, and soaking my feet in Epsom salt and natural oils for relaxation physically and mentally.

Last, but definitely not least, I’m glad you think he’s cute @Evee. I thank you and appreciate it very much! :heartpulse::blush::heartpulse: I didn’t want you to think I forgot about you.


Glad to hear of your return and getting well, just getting physically active is inspirational! :hugs:
I certainly don’t consider frozen veg as a prepared food, that’s a staple and a necessity. :wink:
Congrats on your newest reborn. Looking forward to your projects. :slightly_smiling_face:


Aww…Thank your very much @EmOh! :revolving_hearts::blush::revolving_hearts: Even though I originally went on there to check out the alternatives, I came across his listing and fell in love. My hubby said if he got him for me, I had to start back painting, so of course I agreed. lol Plus, I got a bonus baby because it was a good deal (and my hubby doesn’t like spending a large amount on himself and so he wouldn’t feel guilty for his expensive graphics card for his computer, he told me I could choose another baby).

I finally got my first Ethnic baby, she’s bi-racial and it’s a kit I’ve secretly been waiting to come back in stock. It’s a Johanna asleep!!! I’ve already picked our her name too…it’s Amaya. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’ve been extremely depressed for the last month…I would literally breakdown and cry everyday. I even got to the point of unpacking my untouched kits, cleaning up my Nuwaves to photograph and sell and my hubby said NO WAY. He said when I get back to feeling like myself, I’d be mad if any of the kits I sold were discontinued and I ruined my only chance at having one at a reasonable price. Not to mention I’ll never find another free Nuwave like what my sister-in-law’s friend gave me. lol I have the best hubby ever…to put up with me. :joy::joy::joy:

NOTE These are the artist’s photos. I won’t receive Amaya until maybe sometime later next week or weekend.


Your husband is clever :slight_smile:

Having those two new babies will certainly be a good help and hopefully give you the drive to paint again !


I totally agree @Leabelle! There are multiple reasons how these new babies are going to benefit me. I get to see 2 different professional artists’ work (my 2 original reborns, that I no longer have, were both second hand…the only original artist’s reborn I have is my Cake smash clown cuddle baby). I get to see 2 different painted hair styles for reference and 2 different skin tones for reference…heck just 2 different painting styles altogether. Both reborns are kits I don’t have nor have painted before and I like that one is from Bountiful Baby (which started everything for me and has always been my favorite kits) and the other is a non-BB kit which symbolizes me going out of my comfort zone to explore other kit manufacturers (which I will soon be painting a non-BB kit after I finish the 3 BB kits I’ll be starting next week).

Just thinking about having actual physical models to compare with is going to be extremely beneficial to increase/expand my painting skills and that part is the most exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to try and copy their work, just want to have an idea of what I want to do actually looks like, but then get to create it in my own way.

Everyone’s going to laugh, but the part I’m most excited to see is the babies’ eyebrows…I need LOTS of help in that department! :joy::joy::joy:

Also I cannot wait to cuddle them…that’s my MOST favorite part. :revolving_hearts::heartpulse::revolving_hearts:


Here is my Thor unboxing video on my youtube channel. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


Congratulations! I’m so glad he’s arrived. I’m going to head over to YouTube now and subscribe.


He is beautiful you can be proud on him also his painted hair :heart:
And with Loki this couple will be compleet :smiley:

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Aww…Thank you very much @TrinityCrystal! I was really surprised he arrived today. The estimated date of arrival was supposed to be Monday. I guess Thor was in a hurry to get home to his Mommy. lol

Also Thank you SO very much for subscribing to Mt channel. I really appreciate that very much! I’ve always enjoyed watching box openings, so I thought it would be fun to film my own…plus I film boxing up my babies as my proof that I packed them securely. :wink:


Aww…Thank you very much @ineke1957! :heartpulse: I’m very proud of him and the artist did a gorgeous job on his painted hair…I’m going to use that as a reference for when I start practicing painting hair myself.

I’m going to root Loki’s hair…unless I get good at painting hair, then I’ll do combination hair. I just have to master eyebrows first, before I paint Loki.

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