The Yophi Doll Show - Orlando, FL, Dec. 3-4 2023

The show theme is Disney Christmas.
I am a vendor and have a booth #110.
Kelly (@PhotographyForLife) is a vendor also!
We’ll see you there! :hugs: :kissing_heart:


I wish I could take Jody’s Lombardo painting class, but set-up date is the same with 2nd class date :cry:
BUT it will be different next year and I am definitely taking it!


Looks like a good amount of vendors. Wish you the best in your sales and have a good time. :footprints: :baby:


@RosieCait and I will see you there!! :grin:


It still hasn’t set in I’m even having a trip coming up because of how busy I’ve been! Can’t wait! This will be my first time at a show not as a helper or vendor!


Can’t wait to see you, my girls (@ellakabella and @RosieCait ), again! :heart: :heart:
Love you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you! :hugs:

We just recently finished binning boxes with babies in our room.
Ran right away into Jody Lombardo and her hubby in the elevator, then saw Gina (Maddy Bug), and Samantha Gregory with her family.

Our room is on the 12th floor and view is spectacular!
Room is SO much bigger than at NC and KS, very clean. Only vanity is single and smaller, which is not a problem to me.
So I don’t know what are all that talk about horrible reviews was about. Maybe smaller buildings are different, but I am very happy with our room. Especially that they are twice cheaper than rooms in NC.

The only inconvenience is that conference center and living buildings are different buildings, but they are next to each other.

Inside court yard


I feel like this is where we stayed when we went to Disney or Universal. The only thing I remember about the place was the pool and that looks exactly like it.

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It looks awesome. Is there a “motel” part? I think that is where the dangerous alert was?

Everyone who booked with doll show code stays in the same 13 story building.
Can’t say anything about other buildings.

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Are there lots of people hanging out in the lobby? Angie Richardson was wondering where everybody was?

We finally got our booth curtains and dividers at 8:30 pm. It was some misunderstanding with subcontract company who provided those. So we are all set and ready for tomorrow!
The positive side of a long wait is that I was able to spend time with Laura Tusio Ross, Bonnie Brown, Nikki Johnston, Samantha Gregory, Laurie Dunkan, Claudia Massariony, Alejandra DeZuniga and many others artists and sculptors, as well have time to step into Jody Lombardo’s class and Yophi’s silicon class.
So 12h set up was well spent! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I hope you have an awesome number of sales tomorrow and Monday! Anxious for your updates!

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Good luck with your sales!

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Look who is holding my babies! :star_struck: Bonnie Brown! :heart:


Andrea Lee Mun came all the way from the Singapore to visit the show and participate in the contests. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The 1st place trophy is a silicon baby sculpted by Cassie Brace.

With Bonnie Brown and my Laura’s new Mom.

With Nikki Johnston and Pickle

…and @ellakabella Rachel with my Pickle-girl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hotel pix at the last night - all other time it was no time to enjoy the pool.


Before the Award Banquet


My Genie and amazing helper! :heart: