The painting slump

I have been doing this a little while so the baby painting “slump” isn’t a new thing but I thought I would share it in case some newbies or sorta newbies didn’t feel alone when it happens to them.

Every once in a while I feel zero motivation to paint babies. I just tidy up and close up the baby workshop. In order to paint I have to be in a groove, feel excited about a new sculpt, a new technique, or just get into that groovy space where you have something awesome to binge on Netflix, some good snacks some regular hours you can work without distraction.

I got a group of babies to hair painting stage and I ran out of magic.

I have a broken leg still (over 60 days of this and I am growing bored of it). That might add to it but I think it just kinda comes and goes…Some days I think I might be done with babies. I tell myself it is a good time to retire the paint brushes, sales are slow, it’s summer, I need to spend more time with the little, my house is trashed, I have other projects…

Then out of the blue I will tidy up the baby workshop and start to think, “I will just paint these couple here, they are so adorable, I can… and I can… maybe I will try…” then I am sucked back in the vinyl matrix again.

The sun is shining, the sunsets are beautiful, I want to go camping, go to the aquarium in Atlanta. I want to finally go to Yellowstone. I want to eat outside, pitch a tent, spend long weekends on a boat…

Will I do half those things, most likely not but I wanna anyway.

I will give myself this week to take a baby break. Paint, play, cook, see how I feel.

I guess my point is, this is really a hobby at the end of the day (a kinda cool one) no matter how serious you take it, its meant to be fun and sometimes it isn’t fun anymore and you are pulled in another direction for a while. Go for it. The babies will call you back (sheesh, sounds a little creepy).

I hope everyone is finding a way to enjoy the summer a little, what ever that means to you.


Omg! I completed get it. I walked out onto porch later in the day yesterday and it was so beautiful and warm and I was thinking, Im wasting my time making babies. I do love it but I get so caught up and neglect some other things.

I got hit by a truck in August and gained 40 pounds and I need to get back in shape and Im avoiding excercise. I live in Massachusetts so eventually it will get dark and cold and Ill have wasted the Summer. Its hard to balance everything so I can relate.

Ive thought about stopping too because its expensive and time consuming but it feels like a bit of an addiction.

Im sorry to hear about your injury. Things can only get better right.:blush:
Maybe taking a short break is a good idea.
Thank you for sharing your story.


Hang in there…hopefully you will be as good as new soon!!!

Will you have to do any rehab?

I am struggling with creativity vibes too… been forcing myself to root on Pascale… it’s been slow going… it seems to bother my wrist lately… can’t root more than an hour without it hurting…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Getting old stinks… and hurts🤣


I find I go through this with most of my art. Sometimes I work on something feverishly, then set it down for a few months. Art is something that is hard to do if you’re not inspired. I think that’s why I jump to different media all the time.
I just went through all of my kits. I have quite a few for someone who doesn’t sell lol. I try not to buy much anymore. But once in a while there is one I need to get or I regret it. If I paint all of them for myself, I will definitely be a crazy baby lady.

I think when I get to the adding hair stage, I often lose interest. I still have to finish Bean and Sprout, finish rooting Zodi, start rooting BB Miranda from a long time ago, and I have another personal collection baby that’s been bald for years. Some of my personal babies could also use a freshen up. I am much bolder with color now, and perhaps some have faded as well. Who knows if I will ever get to all of this.

I also still like to do watercolor, graphite, colored pencils, and I recently scored a whole bunch of acrylics so I think about trying that too.

I think for artists, creating is like breathing. It’s something you need to do or you will die.


I know what you mean. A month ago, I was ready to pack it up and quit. I mean, 22 years of reborning is a good run, sales are slow, I want to make another quilt or two before I croak, maybe finish a cross stitch that I started ummmm…22 years ago? I took a week off, cleaned all my brushes, organized my paints, sorted through supplies,and decided to clean out my stash of kits.

I sold a BOATLOAD of kits, cleaned out my closet and felt better than I have in 3 or 4 years! Lighter, not as burdened as I felt having all the space taken up by kits. I found some Presley kits, awake and asleep, and will finally paint them. I even accepted a custom order, which I never do, but to my surprise, it’s given me new energy trying to make someone else’s vision come to life. Not going to make it a habit, but it’s fun for a minute.

Like you said, this hobby is supposed to be FUN and I wasn’t enjoying it, I had let it become a job and it was never intended to be.

Enjoy your summer, concentrate on healing, have fun with your little one, and just wait for the babies to call you back. They will.


Oh, dear Gina, you are healing, but slowly. Our bodies are not what they used to be where we were young(er).
And I am sure that your inspiration and desire for reborning will come back soon. You are so talented in so many art areas that I am sure that your desire to create will never burn out. You are right, it’s a hobby, so you can step away and then come back with new enthusiasm. It will pull you in!

But when you will be visiting Atlanta’s aquarium, please let me know and we can do a lunch date :wink: :heart:
However I think that TN aquarium is much better.


LOL If y’all get to the Aquarium in Atlanta that is only 60 miles from me! I have been once in my lifetime but I loved sitting in that room with the huge tank and just watching all those fish swim. Mesmerizing and so calming!


I’m like this with everything, I get obsessed with something then sick of it… Then it sucks me back in, lol.
Today I wasn’t feelin it, and my girls wanted me to paint on some little canvas’s with them, so that’s what I did. And took a few walks.
I hope your leg heals soon :kissing_heart:


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: And I keep all other supplies from other hobbies that I’ve got sick of.


I’m taking a break from painting to work on myself for the summer. I might paint one kit this summer idk yet. Just trying to figure some stuff out with couple things going on.


I wanna see a Peeka by you. Let your imagination take you where ever she wants. :heart:


OMGosh Yelena, I have been a crafty person all my life and have dabbled in everything there is!! I don’t have to tell you how “full” of craft stuff my house is-----I never throw anything away, it’s ridiculous the crap I keep!!! BUT, the day is coming…


Hit by a truck? Oh my Gerd woman! I am glad you are ok. I feel ya the weight gain is not a happy side effect post injury.

It is so easy to fall down the baby rabbit hole.

Babies can wait, life needs living.



I don’t know how rooters do it. That is tedious work and carpel tunnel is not your friend.

I do have PT but they are booked solid so I don’t have my first appt until July. I got my cast and boot off, I am in an ugly brace. I think could walk but my knee is trashed so I have to wait to see the knee guy for surgery. I can drive!!! I just can’t walk. I will take driving, no complaints, it is freedom! No freeway, just getting my kid to chess camp and back.

Getting old seriously sucks, it’s better than a dirt nap but damn it is humbling.


I love that you explore other mediums. Can’t wait to see what you do with acrylics (one of my favorites).


Thank you so much, Little canvas, that sounds like too much fun.


What is it about a good tidy and thinning stash that gives you a creative surge? I just bought a bunch of puppet making stuff for me and the mouse and I think I need to play and get all the out of here, I really need to more space, less stuff.


I have the same problem.

I always purge but never enough.

then I buy more stuff…do the project keep the left overs and then feel guilty for hoarding it all.


Yes, in the car, and the car was totaled but Im ok. I hear that excercise is medicine so it helps you to heal and feel better.


Oh, so sad to hear about your knee :frowning:
But at least you have some freedom now! :hugs: