Teeswater for hair

Hello everyone.
I’m a brand new reborner and I have been trying all different kinds of materials for hair. Mohair, suri alpaca and teeswater.
I absolutely love how teeswater roots… but I have been told no one uses it for hair except on maybe AA babies.
Does anyone in here use it?
It is so easy to style straight or curly it’s amazing.
Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


I was tempted to try it, but as I don’t know the result, I buy mohair instead. Maybe I will give it a chance, it seem beautiful !

I’ve never heard of it before. What is it?

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What is it??

Following also.

It’s wool from a teeswater sheep. :slight_smile:

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Where do you find it? I have never heard of it before now.

Here is what it looks like when I get it and after I straighten it with hair straighteners

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I get it here in the UK from a place called Newmoor Barn.

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What amazes me the most is how it can go from straight to curly and back again. It is not quite as soft as mohair but it looks fantastic!

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I remember someone else asking about wool for hair a while ago, I think it was @DancesWithDolls It looks very nice!

It looks great! what’s the cost in comparison to mohair?

Ok so 1/4 oz of premium quality mohair from Newmoor Barn costs a respectable £7.99… but their teeswater is £9 for a whole ounce!

I’m going to try and root the whole head in the teeswater over the next few days and let you all see what it looks like. :slight_smile:


I wonder about breakage. I would image it would be as strong as mohair though. I’ve seen some on Etsy.

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I often order here. Good mohair for the price.
This type of wool is supposed to be strong, so i not worry for breakage.

There is hardly any wastage either. I can cut one long bundle into 3 pieces! It’s that long.
This is one of my main problems with mohair. All of the mohair I buy seems really short, it wouldn’t matter so much but a lot gets wasted when cutting and styling the hair. :slight_smile:

I started using Wensleydale and Teeswater locks a while back. In my opinion is roots much easier than mohair and looks amazing for the curly head babies. I buy them both in their natural white and dye them myself, they take dye like a dream.

As @animegirl808 said, the price is unbeatable. I buy it from overseas and can buy 2-3 oz with a staple leangth of 9-13" for less than what I was paying for 1/4oz of mohair, and that’s including shipping.


Thank you for sharing, I like having a choice because everyone’s hair is different.

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