Swaps and Challenges

It’s been a while since we had any Challenges or Swaps. So I decided to bring up our site created by Starr West. @westernstarr and Tonya Tyo. It showcases dolls created by members of the Bountiful Baby Forum. Take a look, the babies are beautiful!

Doesn’t it make you want to Host or participate in one?



I have seen a few swap topics and would love to participate but I am no where near the point of being able to send a baby to someone! I can just hope they are still going on when I improve to where I feel the baby is done well enough to send to someone here. Until that point I will be a spectator oh’ing and ah’ing over all the babies! :grin:

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That would be great !

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I think a challenge would also be fun! I’ve never participated in any of the past swaps because I’m not a collector, but I always love to see everyone’s swap babies. A challenge would allow those of us who don’t collect to participate as well! (Not that I’m volunteering to coordinate one lol)


@anon77773884 I have no idea what is involved. It has been so long since we did anything as a group I thought we sure are overdue.

@RebornAsh87 I think everyone is always welcome no matter your skill level.

@Bec1273 I think a challenge would be easiest for everyone including the Host.

It has been such a long time since one was done. I don’t think I would be able to participate just because I don’t have much time for anything lately. :disappointed:

I’ve never heard of the challenge how does it work. I have to much on my plate to host but would love to make a swap baby.

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I’ve done one baby swap and participated in the traveling swap box. I liked both and miss them. But I only have time in the summer to do swaps right now.

I don’t know @anon77773884 Maybe everyone is too busy or not interested. :disappointed:

Here is an example of a challenge;

I would be interested in a challenge or a swap. Fun!

I think a challenge sounds like a lot of fun! Other Forums I’ve been on do little themed contests and its always so fun to see all the entries.I haven’t been here long but I would be willing to help someone organize a challenge if someone else is interested.

@AnnieSokay I would be happy to do a swap if that is true. I need to look into the contest one though, I’ve never heard of that one. I see you linked a post about it so I’ll go check it out!

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It HAS been a long time! I can’t commit to hosting, but if we decide to do a contest I’d be happy to donate and ship a half ounce of premium mohair (it’s worth $35) as the winner’s prize :smile:

Swaps are super fun too though, and everyone gets a baby.

The choice might be up to whoever wants to host, as it’s a good bit of work…?


I’d be willing to do a challenge but don’t have time to do a swap :slight_smile:

I’d really like to participate but I have waaay too much on my plate to add anything else.

A swap would be cool, but unfortunately I couldn’t participate as I don’t live in the US.
I’d really like a contest as well. Even if I don’t participate, it’ll be fun to see everyone’s work.

For the Irelyn challenge you could live anywhere. We all painted the Irelyn kit. The challenge was to make him as cute as we could. Same with Celeste, if I remember right. We just had to submit pictures so no shipping costs. The traveling pants box was really fun, too.

Awesome! I’d probably participate, then. :smiley:

I like swaps but currently out of space to keep anymore… :confused:

Challenges of a particular kits are fun.

I can’t do a swap as I live in the uk, but I like the idea of a challenge, it sounds fun.