Sugar with lavender limbs?

Says Sugar is 20” I’ve done her a number of times but her head isn’t that big for a 20” size- now the customer wants more detailed limbs- I Chose lavender limbs- what do you think? I’ve never done lavender is she smaller than Landon?
Do you think that is a good choice?
Thank you!


Following as I love Sugar’s face but dislike her limbs…

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I haven’t done A Sugar, but I have reborn Lavender and Landon, she’s definitely much smaller than him.

I have a Sugar head and Lavender limbs, if you don’t mind waiting a few hours a can take a picture of them together to show you.



I needed that

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I have not painted Laveder so I can’t really picture it, all I know is that I have had a hard time in the past getting old BB heads to look right with realborn limbs… I’m sure if anyone can pull it off though, you can. :blush:

@katieperry, Oh my goodness, you were right on the money! The limbs are the perfect length and pudginess for the Sugar head, it’s like they were made for each other. I took a couple of extra pictures of her in the basket because I was so enamored of how cute she is with those limbs!


Oh wow! Those work great!

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Wow that is perfect, I cannot say thank you enough!!! Thanks for doing that for me


You are so welcome, it was my pleasure! :slight_smile:

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So funny! That is a great comment!