Starting out

I think I want to try to my hand at reborning! What is the best cheap kit to start out with?

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And is it easier to do a tiny kit or a large kit to start off?

Any Newborn sleeper on sale on the B.B. homepage


And what are the off brand ovens?

I use a Rosewill brand. You can find them at Walmart or on amazon. Just make sure it comes with an extender ring. Some people use magic chef brand, and I’ve heard you can find cheap off brand ovens at Home Depot or aldi as well. I recently got my daughter a Lexi kit to try her hand at reborning, and it was a good first kit - nice size, open hands/closed eyes, realistic but not overly detailed. Good luck, you’ll be addicted to making babies just like the rest of us before you know it!

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What free tutorials are the best?

Has anyone done realborn sleeping Ana?

She was one of my first. I stripped her 2 times !
When I was happy with her, I gave here to my niece for Christmas.
Nice baby, but a lot of creases!

For more info, I have found doing a search (magnifying glass at the right top) brings up lots of specific topic threads that can help a lot.

I would choose a closed-eyes inexpensive kit you like between 18 and 22 inches for your first. Have fun!

I found the best basic beginner tutorials are Kim’s at Custom Doll Baby. The series is called Reborn with Me. You can find them on YouTube. Or she has an awesome website with the videos: Reborning Tips, Instructions and Details - Custom Doll Baby


Where do I buy a $14 seconds kit? I was going to get sleeping Ana because she’s who I liked best :joy:

Not all seconds are that cheap but if you look often sometimes one pops up very cheap.

Also, many if the first quality sale kits on the homepage are $17-$18.

Link to seconds pages

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How bad are the defects on seconds kits?

Most of the time I can’t figure out anything wrong with them

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Does the bountiful baby starter kit come with enough supplies to make one doll? Will the paints last for more than that?

enough for one doll and the paints will last for more babies.You will have to buy additional supplies to do more dolls.The poli-fil and glass beads,stuff like that I buy in huge quantity to save money.Usually the bigger size saves you quite a bit.Depending on how many you intend to make,you will only buy what you need.If you intend to continue on making babies buy in bulk to save.

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Easiest are small newborn, about 18" - 19". Smaller are difficult to dress, and bigger are just big, and especially if you want to root the hair, more difficult.

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