Sparsely painted hair?

Just wondering for future babies how to paint sparse hair. I can’t seem to put the brush down. ty :slight_smile:


Here’s a sparse painting I did some time ago. I used Prismacolor pencils however. I do very light short strokes.


For me, sparsely painted hair is almost as hard as sparsely rooted hair. Try to paint single hairs on the entire head about 1/4" apart, resisting the urge to add more. Then go back and fill in the same way.

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That’s my issue too!

My biggest issue is getting a natural curve to the hairs. I want mine to look like @quiltsabunch and they never even come close.


That looks awesome! I always want to try those too :wink:

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Prisma pencils were the key for me! You could do the whole thing with Prismas if you wanted to. I second the short strokes…you don’t want to even have the illusion of longer pieces, so less “connecting” of the hairs since you want to be able to still see a lot of the scalp.


Beautiful!! I’ve been doing Prisma and Love them, but just hoping to get a grip with getting that effect with paint. So many do and I’m hoping they will share :heart_eyes:

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Me too.

Prisma. A bit longer on the top, sides and back.


I did really sparse hair with prisma on PG ~


Cool!! Do ya’ll dip the pencils in thinner? Does that help with kind of making them more of a painted look? I have no idea on how to explain. LOL

No dipping for me. I just lightly draw with prisma then go over it with thinner, bake, repeat till it looks okay OR I paint over it.

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No dipping. You can achieve this result with paint. Just thin it more or use pale color.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you

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Happens to me too. I always think just a bit more.

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This is wonderful ‘new baby hair’!!

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I have the same problem! I always tell myself I’m going to do it different the next time, and it turns out the same :joy: :rofl:

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What color pencils do you recommend? Darker for head and lighter around the face?

Sparse hair is my favorite and has always been my goal but I have rarely ever ended up with it. It’s hard to do. The sparsest hair I’ve ever painted was on Skya, earlier this year. Can’t remember what I did to get it that way.