Sparsely painted hair?

What all colors of the pencil do you use for browns?

I do little S but not as Prominent and it seems to come out looking really good or I think so.

I use air dry paints, so I don’t ever bake my babies…hopefully, someone who uses GHSP will chime in for their Prisma color experiences.

With the baking necessary for GHSP, there are some browns that can turn orange when heated. With air dry, I have not had any turn.

For browns in Prisma (with air dry), I was using Dark Umber, Dark Brown, Chocolate Brown, Black (dark brown hair low-lights.)

For light brown I used Espresso, Sandbar, and Beige.

For me, personally, I liked Faber Castell pencils better. If you wanted to try those, you can find very similar color equivalents in those. IMO, the FC pencils give a finer, sharper line than Prisma and with my paints, took to the vinyl better.

I hope that helps! It’s been a while since I’ve done hair, but I’m happy to help in any way I can!

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This is THE BEST Skya and sparse hair! :heart_eyes:

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Good info! And yes I have had the experience of my browns turning orange!! It was a horrific experience on a custom!

Thank you!

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I have found the same. You have to test them in the oven

I totally understand and need to throw those colors out

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