Soooooo the pin dots

I’m hearing ~ and seeing ~ the pin dots that are showing up on certain kits like Zuri and Laila. This seems to happen after baking the vinyl a few times.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent this?

I don’t want to waste several hours/days of painting time and then have this issue pop up. How discouraging :frowning:

I varnish before I paint because it helps the paint stick to the toes and fingers. Will that help keep the pin dots away?


Following. When I had the pin dots show up before I was able to cover them with powders pretty well.

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I have done both kits and never had the pin dot problem.I put a layer of matte varnish on the kit first or sometimes mix it in my first layer of paint.This is something I do with all kits.


Good to know!

Hahaha I thought it was just because I’m a new artist. I’m sorry this happened though. I really thought it was just me, and I forgot that kits sometimes have quirks.

I did both kits and did not have that issue at all sooooo glad. I am curious if any other kits have had this issue as well.

Me, too :thinking:

I always varnish before painting, so hopefully that helps. Guess I’ll find out.


I think it will. I’ve been varnishing before painting for several years. However, for the past few months, I was adding my first skin tones before I varnished. Lo and behold, I have had issues with a couple of kits that pooled paint or had pin holes that flawed my reborn.

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How much do you discount when this happens. I have a kit that was terrible!!! The Rebecca kit and they said that was the way it was. Rough arm, hands and feet have lots of pin holes.

I wonder what would happen if the kits were baked before applying anything. Then you could deal with any pin dots without messing up your painting.

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Thankfully, I didn’t have problems with Rebecca. I think I varnished at the very beginning, though, so that may have stopped any problems that I couldn’t see.
Discounting really depends on how bad it is. I think about what I would consider paying if I were the one buying it. Most flaws that happen with mine are easily covered with hats and socks, so I consider that when pricing.

I had recently black dot on face that came up with the supposedly last bake. Had to make it into birth mark. I do not think anything can prevent these things coming up.

I was trying to work on Willow Flower. But, for some reason no matter how far along I got into the painting, there just was not much paint left on her. So, when I made the capillaries and they were gone the next day, and a few stayed until the second day, I tried the nails and their paint did not take, either, I did a little experiment. I tried putting the under layer on one of her feet to see if it would make a difference. I DID do the original layer as I always do. But, it still did not really change much. Then, I put the matte gel by Liquitex in the paint mix and used that. Well, it stayed better. So, I thought, I know the problem now. Or at least the answer. So, I stripped her, washed her really good in dawn soap and pretty hot water, and she is on the drying rack for most of the day already. When I am sure she is dry, I will put her away until another time. Just want to work on something else right now. Anyway, this is the first time this has happened to me. So, I know the frustration. Maybe one day all the kits will be perfect. :slight_smile:

Ut oh did I start this with my zuri lol. It’s not the first time it’s happened :disappointed_relieved::grimacing:

I put a bit of thick medium in my pre-varnish. The matte helps grab the paint and the thick works to fill in any small imperfections (to me it works better than matte alone). I also like the texture thick medium gives the baby’s skin.


How does it feel vs regular varnish?

Pin refers to the dots, specks, tiny holes, imperfections, that show up on the vinyl after painting.

I varnish before painting and wondered if that takes care of the problem on the Zuri kit as I have it but haven’t painted it yet.

I varnish after painting as well. I use a mixture of satin and matte.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, everyone!


Oh no, I meant to reply to @danceswithdolls. I’m sorry! I had specks show up on Ana as red dots on her head. Luckily under the rooting area, still I understand why she’s a second. It didn’t show up at first.

No problem! :wink:

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Can you post a picture? I’m curious!