Someone messed up…

Macs sent me my box via FedEx…I just got it but there are 2 boxes. One of them is mine…one of them was supposed to go to someone in Georgia but both boxes have my name on a label :flushed::woman_facepalming:t3:
Sooo…now I’m supposed to pay to ship this to someone else???!!! To fix Mac’s or Fed Ex mistake mistake.
What to do?


Contact Mac and they can pay the shipping to forward it to the correct person.


Ok good! I have never had this happen! How crazy

Definately wierd.

Is it anyone on here??? I know @YelenaRey is in Georgia and I think @anjsmiles


Is it ok if I say her name? Maybe someone knows her? Chelsea Piermarini

I don’t know her, but it is up to Mac to make it right.


Could she be pumpkin sparkles nursery??? She’s in Georgia!

Since your name is on the label I’m guessing it’s Mac’s mistake. Call Brenda and see what she thinks you should do. They could send you a prepaid return label.

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@Peachtree and lady who was in the DOTWE show, I think her name is Susan

Oh, I just saw, the name.

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Mac’s messaged me back and said they somehow knew fed ex had put a label with my name and address on and are going to schedule a pickup.


It wasn’t mine. I hope it gets to where it goes.

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It’s a lady named Chelsea, I think she may be pumpkin sparkles babies but I’m not for sure

Today I got a message from Mac’s saying they want me to print a new label and then either set up a pick up or I need to drop it off at my nearest ups store.
I’m a little salty…
Kinda feels like I’m getting saddled with their’s and FedEx’s mess up.

Did they include the mailing label for you to print? @MacPhersonCrafts is usually pretty easy to deal with?

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They want me to print the customs label and attach it in a sandwich bag to the box…then go online and set up the pickup or whatever

Well I’m also confused because it’s asking for their UPS account number. It had me print 5 papers and none have an account number that I see…

I want her to get her box but I’m annoyed that I was already low on ink and it just ate up a bunch with this :woman_facepalming:t3:
I’ve never dealt with customs forms so idk much about it

I would think it just needs new postage paid (if it wasnt free shipping) and label printed. They can repay the shipping or what not, send you the pdf, you print it and stick it on. Done.

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No it’s 5 sheets of paper that go on it. But I can’t move forward because it’s telling me I need mac’s account number I think…I don’t have one

Guess I’ll just have to message them again and ask for it.