Someone copyrighted the term "Reborn Doll"

Seriously, wth?! Anyone else hear about this?! Someone had the nerve to copyright “Reborn Doll” and is apparently, getting listings removed on Ebay, Etsy and Facebook.

Her name is Amy Duncan Wilson, apparently. So, beware.

Here is her page


She is nuts. She opened a huge can of worms. Many people are against her…


Agreed! Pretty sure she just dug her own grave, when it comes to this business.


And she is a new artist and they are not done well. :frowning:


Someone on facebook was talking about making one. If I see it I will post it here.


Hahaha I know!!

Yes, please post it here!!!


I have a feeling her take down is not gonna be too pretty for her. I really think she underestimated just how big the reborn community is


Funny, her dolls look pretty much the level of the Chinese knock offs, and her rooting is appalling. But buyers are not stupid I do not think she is selling many despite the low prices.


So For 1.5 yrs she has had it? And just now before Christmas she decides to say something?


So she still waited til Christmas time? Ugh!

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I guess she’s been on the rampage, having peoples’ listings removed from ebay and etsy. Someone got into the ‘crazy candy’ ahahaha


Does that mean that if our dolls are not ball jointed it is OK?


Oh dear maybe she has shot herself in the foot by trademarking the name 'The reborn doll’under toys and sporting. Selling reborn dolls under the wording toy means you are targeting children which means you can land yourself in trouble with the law. All toys need to be tested in order to sell safely. I know most reptuable kits are tested but as a full reborn doll has she got them tested again? This also includes clothing and other loose items that come with the dolls.

This might be an interesting read especially if you sell on Etsy. Safety Testing for Handmade Toys -


What a bizzare thing to do. Why would you trademark a general term. What if we all just had like a little acronym to show we are not knockoffs

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Oops I meant to say ‘reborn baby doll’ and not ‘reborn doll’

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Looks like someone figured out how to circumvent the ethics code among this profession. She might make it a problem for searches etc, but it’s all in the name only, correct? It doesn’t pertain to the category. So if someone says i sell reborn dolls isn’t that like saying I sell Italian pizza? Trying to snuff the competition due to her lack of talent & business.Being devil’s advocate though, I can’t believe it’s taken this long for someone to do this .Now, as long as she doesn’t apply for a patent. That’s where the real trouble would be if she’s trying to prevent others from making reborns

P.s. Please don’t kick me off for this question, wouldn’t it be like for example REALBORN reborn? So for her dolls a person would have to search REBORN BABY DOLL reborn doll. She’s isolating her specific product not everyone else"s. Like mentioned above, if she’s that bad the only person she’s hurting is herself.
(my limited opinion-courtesy of snippets of shark tank):joy:



I chatted with her briefly on FB. I was being sincere and kind. I just wanted to know from her what it was all about. She said she feels its a witch hunt, that she is being threatened and she was only trying to separate herself from the made in china dolls. She also stated that 30 listings were dropped from Etsy and it was Etsy that dropped them not her.

I sell on Etsy and use the term and was not dropped.

I can’t imagine that if she has been around a little while (obviously longer than me) that she would understand this community of artists and collectors and be a little more kind.

I am not trying to be a jerk but she may not fully understand what getting a trademark for something she didn’t invent, created, or even contribute to will cost her.

I tried to find her on the internet to see if she was “original” hey maybe she has been around since the 1980’s and made the first reborn doll? I say you give people the benefit of the doubt. What I found was an e-bay listing of a nothing special reborn, the sculpt is not hers…oh and Donald Trump baby (I won’t go there).

I belong to several forums, they are all talking about it, it was a brilliant move but I am not so sure she is as brilliant…or maybe she is sinister in disguise?

At this point in time I have not been affected but should I be I would have no problem hiring a lawyer.

Its that or I need to trademark the term “Birthday Cake”


Someone associated with Babyclon crossed my mind, too.

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Original my Fanny ! Just read one of her listings on Ebay. She wants people to think she is the only person making real reborn.