Somebody help please torn vinyl advice please!

I need some help asap, I’ve torn the vinyl trying to fit the eyes in…only a small tear in the corner but I am so scared it will rip right up and waste all my work…please please tell me how to fix this! Can I glue it? Melt it back together with a hot blade? I don’t want to have ruined my project :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Are your trying to insert through the front or back? I’ve never been able to insert them through the front. Too risky imo. You cut the closed flap in the back enough to slide the eye in and then glue the flap closed to help hold the eye in place. Maybe try to post a picture of the cut so we can help you better.

Through the front, I can’t put them in through the back, I’m making a reborn dog and all the rooted fur has covered the inside of the head, I can’t get to the sockets. The rest is in the inside corner, not really noticeable but I’m really concerned it will rip more and want to stop it before it goes any worse/bigger.

Do you have a picture?

I always insert them from the front with no problem . It’s less haste from me then open the flap and glue back etc .

Sorry for the picture quality my camera’s broke.

Could I drop superglue into the crack or some other glue? Or would the matte varnish I’ve bought stick it together?

Heat it with a hair dryer, carefully insert the eye and super glue the crack with a toothpick. You’ll have to squeeze the socket a little so the glue doesn’t get in the hair or on the eyeball. Are you using full round, half round or oval eyes? Also, is there any way you could trim the hair around the sockets on the inside so you could get to them?

Half round 24mm glass. Obviously they’re too big and the company I have gotten them from is now shut until Monday so I can’t do anything for now about replacements.

No I can’t trim the hair inside the head, it’s chock full all matter together to stop it pulling out not just a few strands. Pulling it out will basically undo everything.

What I’m worried about now is if the split goes worse when I try and put in another set of eyes even though they will be a bit smaller. Is there anything I can do to reduce it? Would gluing it first then inserting them then gluing again help? Will a dash of sealant or varnish stop the tear spreading any further?

I’d try gluing it first. I’m not sure sealant would hold it. Using smaller, oval eyes would go in with less stress on the sockets because they’re thinner and elongated. Heating it first with a hair dryer before inserting would probably help, too. When you bought the kit, did it give a recommended eye size?

I’ve actually gotten some 22mm oval eyes I bought these others as I thought they looked too small so I went up a size to a round 24mm. Kicking myself now :disappointed:. After some searching I found the the kit says it takes 22mm eyes, presumably they will be ok even if they are round?

Oh and would a vinyl specific glue be better or superglue? I know my hardware store have a Loctite vinyl glue (along with one or two others) and they also will have superglue, not sure whether to get one of each or if I only need one?

I’d planned on painting the eyelids and vanishing them before inserting the eyes, can I still safely do this without the glue reacting or coming apart?

I’d use the Loctite Vinyl Glue. It doesn’t yellow or get brittle over time. Are you using air dry paint?

I’m using Americana Acrylic, their all purpose sealer and matte varnish. Presuming it’s classed as air dry given it dries on it’s own in the open?

Is there any ingredient in the glue I should be looking to avoid, like something that melts the vinyl or something? I know acetone is a big no for most vinyls but that’s the only one I’m aware of. I’ll post a pic of what I get anway before using it but it’d be good to know before buying as it’s not easy going to the store and exchanging things.

Americana Acrylic is air dry paint. Loctite Vinyl Glue is made for use on vinyl so that shouldn’t be a problem. I only use Dawn dish soap and hot water to wash my babies before starting. E6000 will work but it’s toxic and smells terrible. For the amount you’ll need to fix that eye it would be a huge waste of money. It comes in a pretty big tube. The only thing I use for stripping is Windsor and Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer. It’s a little oily so the parts have to be washed well after stripping. Acetone can, and will, melt the vinyl if it’s left on too long. I use it to smooth the edges of the eyelids when I’ve opened them on a closed eyed baby. I did use it once to strip a baby that someone asked me to re-do. I swear the person who reborned it used boat varnish to seal it and the paint was very thick. I only used it to take the paint down far enough to where I could use the Windsor and Newton. I don’t use alcohol, either, although some people do use it for stripping. I don’t recommend it.

Thank you for your informative replies Jeanhai, I really appreciate it. I am so annoyed with myself for trying to push that eye in not thinking that the vinyl would likely be weakened from rooting it so heavily. Any advice on how to fix my stupid mistake is very gratefully received :slightly_smiling_face:.

Nothing has been applied on the vinyl, do I still need to wash it before putting the glue on? I really can’t wash it properly as it’s all fluffy though I maybe could wipe the eye part down with a damp q-tip if necessary.

I don’t think you need to wash it.

I went to the store first thing to find they had barely any glues in and certainly nothing that said it was suitable for vinyl. Their stock was seriously down and they were having trouble getting new supplies, they basically told me to buy online. I got home and was about to do just that when I found some old superglue in the shed…nothing to lose I tried it and it has worked PERFECTLY! :smiley:! I used a needle to push it into the split, it has completely gone! Can I carefully file/sand it smooth them put sealer, paint and varnish over it now?

You should be able to. You might have to cut the file so it fits in there, unless you have some round files.

I have some really tiny files only about half inch wide plus a round one that is quite narrow at the tip, one of them should be a suitable size.

The round one will probably work best because it can get closest to the corner of the eye.

I love this glue! I use it for everything that needs glue in my babies.