Sold my toddler to Fox TV as stand in

Hi Ladies hope you don’t mind my sharing this,I was so excited to be contacted by Fox TV for the show Bones. They needed a stand in for a toddler for the next 10 months. I was just finishing a Kitten sculpt with red hair and brown eyes but the features were close to their toddler, they wanted blonde and blue eyed. I suggested this toddler and I would change the hair and eyes. Long story worked all weekend to finish it for filming on wed / Thurs. He arrived Wed AM for them. They loved him, whew so glad,so Baby Bones will be on TV. I’m

a proud Mum


That’s so cool. Hopefully, you will get some referrals and make some more Hollywood reborns! Congratulations.

Awesome! If you find out the date that the baby will premier, let us all know!


So cute. I want to watch Bones now just so I can see him.


Fantastic!!! That’s really great!

That’s so awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

I love the show “Bones”, great job, congrats on the placement of your baby.


That’s awesome!!! Yay baby bones!!!

Wow, that’s great! Congratulations!

so exciting congrats

Congrats! Thats pretty cool.

Wow that is so neat!

Congratulations on baby bones I would be a proud mom to.

I will let you know if I find out, I know they were filming Wed and Thurs. Must be knew episodes,I have never watched the program, guess I better now.


You’re starting off his acting career quite young, huh? :laughing: The younger the better, after all! Hopefully all that fame doesn’t go to his head!

Congrats…I don’t watch Bones but I might have to tune in this once just to “spot the reborn”. That’s some really cool beans, though!


My mom loves BONES. Hahahah - you should of seen what my phone wanted to write. :grin:


Wow! I’m totally impressed. They contacted you? How cool is that!

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Congratulations! That’s fantastic!

Congratulations!!! That’s wonderful news! Please let us know when his first show comes on.

So cool! I wanna see too!!