Should I try selling this baby as a girl?

So I’ve had my Darren listed for sale locally since September, and have had no bites on him. In that time I’ve sold 2 others, both locally and at a higher price. Only difference is that poor Darren is a boy. Should I go buy a girl layette for him and switch his gender? I can’t take girl pics right now since I’m away from home until Wednesday but here’s his boy pics


Worth a try! He does make a cute girl :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to buy a girl outfit unless I have to lol I have nothing in his size for a girl. He has a big layette and it’s totally wasted money if I can’t sell him. If I can’t sell a boy then I wasted the money :confused:


Basement lighting, sorry…not the best

Maybe swaddle in a gender neutral blanket and add a girly hat or headband. That could save on buying extra items and that way you could see if it works.


I’ll do that when I’m home. I’d really like him to sell the way he is, I’m already losing money on him without having to buy an extra layette.

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I definitely understand that. Good Luck and I am sure he has a special home out there waiting for him.

I certainly hope so lol I don’t collect and I don’t know what to do with him. Not to mention that this is my only income and I can’t make any dolls unless one sells :frowning:

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If you sell him as a girl you’ll have money to buy another kit for all those boy clothes. If you’re already losing money you’re not charging enough.

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But I have not been able to sell a boy for a decent price ever, so I feel like not making boys anymore lol We’ll see though. I’m just in a bad mood and ready to be done with him. I want him gone and now lol

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Where do you have him listed?

I sell locally, I don’t have the money for shipping typically.

Oh ok I was wondering because he’s super cute and lots of the Darrens on sold as boys. Could you advertise him and pass the shipping cost on to the buyer?

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Yes technically however you need to ship before the funds are released to you and also it would take a bit to go into my bank account.
I have a little bit of money right now and it should be enough for a membership but only one month and shipping for him. I have no idea what level to get or anything because I’ve never used it and i’m skeptical he’d sell in only one month :confused: He’s made me lose ALL of my confidence and I’ve been reborning and selling for 5 years

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Ya that’s a tough call to put out more money when it may not work. Please don’t lose confidence though he is gorgeous the right mommy just hasn’t seen him yet. I would get him one pink outfit and see if that works I wouldn’t do a big fancy layout just a cheap little outfit.

You could try Walmart to Walmart payment. Then you’d have the money in your hand for shipping. I charge actual shipping cost and my customers pay for it. I take the package to the post office with the buyer’s address and then let them know how much it is. If it’s less than I have listed, I refund the difference. I’ve never had money held on Membership fees are monthly but you can stop if you don’t have any babies to sell and just start up again when you do. Bronze membership is only $4.99 a month. That’s what I use.

Do they even do that in Canada? I don’t know if it’s a thing here lol
I don’t think he would sell in one month, that’s part of why I’m so hesitant. I don’t think he’ll sell at all at this point. I have a doll that I’m working on and if that one doesn’t sell either then I’m 100% done. If they don’t sell I can’t make more

Have you tried taking him out with you so people can actually see him?

No, I haven’t. I don’t have a car and I hate taking them on the bus lol I used to take them out all the time and nothing came from it so I stopped.