Safest car travel for Reborn Babies

Hi Everyone,
I am still feeling very much like a newbie. I just finished my first truly artistic baby (loosely speaking :slight_smile:
I was able to use my recently passed god-mother’s hair! I am frighten at the idea of traveling by car with my little darling-- Tati. I would appreciate any suggestions. If you use a safety car seat, which one do you like best?

BTW, my insurance company tells me that any item of art–including Reborn Babies–can decline to cover damage done to the doll, in the event of an accident!!

Keep kissing and rocking those sweet babies,

I would wrap the doll in receiving blankets and bubble wrap and place in a sturdy box.

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Seems like a great idea. So you prepare them as though you were going to ship it?

as far as traveling with the babies it would depend on type of travel. I only take mine out when I am going one specific place with them where they wont have to stay in the car. Those, I have a car seat that I use. Otherwise, I would suggest a nice box or yes, have it prepared for shipping. I am personally a collector not an artist so most of mine travel for leisure.

So true!! I want her out where I can se her!! I love showing her off. lol But I do not take her out that often–just for fun.

I think carseat is the best plan. What kind do you use?

I dont either! I found a really good deal on carseat on ebay a few months ago so I bought it.

Yeap, I think that is what I’ll do. I want her protected from the sun too (in the car). So that would work for two purposes. Goodness–I am sooooooo addicted to these little folks. :slight_smile:

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Also, try looking on the online yard sales on Facebook. you might find one local for a decent price and wont have to worry about shipping.

Great idea. thanks

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Car seats are the way to easily travel in a car! Go to the store and see what brand you like. Some are heavier than others, look at the handle…how does it feel to hold? Take your baby with you so can see how they fit in the seat.

You can either buy new which is very expensive or you can look for the brand you like at yard sales or on Craigslist. FYI, car seats now expire so you may be able to find one with an expired date very inexpensively. I’ve been able to pick up car seats at yard sales for $5-$10.


Remember to put a sign on the baby that says this is a doll when you leave the car. That way you won’t get a broken window or have the police called.


Yes, or just make a commitment to yourself to always take the baby inside with you once you leave the house with it.


Wow that is super advice!! Thanks!!

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I take mine out as a marketing strategy. I NEVER leave them in the car. People have had their windows broken because someone thought it was a baby. Advertising it as a doll could also get your window broken by someone who wants it, IMO. Plus, reborns shouldn’t be exposed to extremes of hot or cold and the interior temperature of a car can become extreme very quickly.


LOL been there: done that!!! I got stopped for an illegal restraint of an infant. Boy was that 6’4" policeman red when the voice box started crying!!

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Yes the temp. and damage them very quickly. I had a doll kit arrive in the mail that was damaged in the heat of the UPS truck. They replaced it, but it was a great lesson for me on the dangers of heat on these darlings. Also, I just love showing her off!!! lol

They are great for selling orders!!! LOL

Show us what you find! I had a Graco car seat with the stroller for it to clip into. The seat was lightweight. Then…I discovered the Urbini from Walmart. I found one of Craigslist for half the price. I like it because it has a car seat that clips into the stoller frame or you can use the carriage-style seat.


aww what a little sweetie!!! I like this model. I haven’t thought about a stroller option. But she does have a a seat to go inside a shopping cart. I have MS and sometimes use a walker–maybe I’ll have to add her a pocket seat to my walker. lol

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