Safest car travel for Reborn Babies

i bought this carseat on ebay but am now wanting a neutral one since I want to make an investment future babies that I know wont be girls. So I have my eye on a teal one!

Is this the Urbini? I love the way it looks like a pram in the stroller.

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There was one on eBay today in a green color.

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Im watching a few. Will probably bid on one later

Too sweet!!!

just checked the Urbini at Walmart. I like that it doesn’t have all those blasted tags all over it. Nice looking seat.

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While traveling to my new location I put the baby in a craft/sewing tote wrapped in a blanket and bubble wrap on top. It fit on the floor perfectly.


I already have that one–great idea.

Yes, and that’s what I love about it.

I saw this walker at the ROSE show:


If you post on you local area that you are looking for an infant carseat with an expired date for use with a doll you may be able to get one for free! My customers did and they all were successful!


Aww how cute are they!!! And they are right out front for everyone to see. lol


great! I’ll try that.

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Just done leave them laying in the back seat right Amy lol. Poor Marissa! But it gave us something to laugh about later.

I usually just strap mine into my daughters carseat when she isnt in the car with me. Other times I will wrap her in a blankie and make sure she is snug between something and wont shift incase of a sudden stop.

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I just have them in a car seat

Which kit was that? I cannot see how heat in the car or truck could damage it. After all we bake the kits at much higher temperature that could ever be reached in a vehicle. I would be much more concerned about leaving doll in the car in bellow freezing. Definitely no no if you live in Alaska.

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I got a car seat off of a local sale site on fb. I just posted an ad saying I wanted an expired car seat cheap. I had 3 women offer me one for free :slight_smile:


Poor Marissa had a bad day. Since I share a car with my hubby, I don’t use the carseat base; I just place the carseat on the back seat of the car…I don’t even strap it in. One day, when Carrie and I were traveling to Aunti Karen’s @kareninflorida, I had to slam on the brakes and Marissa’s seat flipped. :flushed: This is how I found her when we pulled up at Karen’s and, boy, did I get an earfull about abusing her! :cry:

She was ok, though. :slight_smile:


Some states have new laws allowing people to break windows to save dogs, babies and the elderly with no recourse. My state, Florida, now has this law in effect. If I were to leave a baby in the car for just a few minutes, I have to make sure it’s completely covered so no baby parts are visible.

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I have built in carseats in my van but am afraid to leave a doll strapped in even when covered completely for fear of someone thinking it has a real baby in it. People are going to err on the side of caution. I also had a carseat until my niece needed it for her real baby. Didn’t use it often due to family’s extreme dislike of mommy being crazy! They are still adjusting to my obsession after over 10 years. Maybe someday. Mine are usually loose but then I don’t feel comfortable. Thought about stuffing them well wrapped in the little dog carrier I don’t use anymore and strapping it in. Soft, padded and secure but not where someone would think real baby Doggie has a bigger carrier to ride in now.

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Lolololol I’m dying laughing!!! Poor Marissa! Amy you have the funniest adventures!!!