ROSE Doll Show Pics & Videos! 2017

To those of you who are going to the ROSE Doll Show::
Please post your photos, videos, baby’s outfit, whatever here!! I would love to see them, and I’m sure other people would love to see as well!! Share your experiences and fun times!!

Thank you all! Much appreciated! I hope to be able to see you there next year!!


@jlesser @izzy Who else is going to the show? Please let me know how it goes! I’m starting a separate “piggy bank” for funds to go to the show next year. Funds for the airplane ticket, admission, possible class, and dolly money (if I don’t attend a class, it’ll go towards something else) :slight_smile: slight_smile:
Who’s driving?


Melanie, Mandy, Amy, Allison, Julie, Angel, Izzy, Willow & Jamie, Joyce, Elsye, Marissa, Alice & Mike… um… can’t think of anymore at the moment that are on this forum…


Oh wowie. That’s a lot of people!! Hope that they (and you) will all be there next year so we can meet!! :slight_smile:

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I forgot Lynn! :frowning: My bad!


I really want to go. It’s almost a 17 hr drive from OKC. It took that long to get back from FL. Told my daughter we might do a road trip last minute if the mood hits me.

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I’m so excited to meet you ladies! How will we find each other? I will be there with my hubby and two kids. :slight_smile:

I’ll be planning to post daily footage on my YouTube channel “Little Foot Nursery”.


Where are you coming from? I’ll drive next year if you coming my way. I’m already here in Layton. Anyone else here now?

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I’m in Oregon. Probably will drive…Well, depending on gas mileage. Ha.

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I guess I can’t help with your drive then lol

Wish I was there, maybe next year! It would be an awesome birthday gift! My birthday is the 21st… I’ll have to work on that! Haha

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I am already here . Oh well I have been here for couple years … I live here :joy::joy:!!! If anyone wants to hang out , I have a car :grin:Just shoot me a message …


I’ll be in Oregon next year :wink: Salem area, probably.

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Oh cool! I’ll be in California for school :persevere: but you’ll love Oregon though!!

Ha, we are swapping. Leaving CA next month.

Lol! I’ll be in Oregon for the Christmas holiday and summer months (other than the show, hopefully). Is there a reason you’re coming up?

Moving there.

Wonderful! Let me know if you have any questions, been here 19 years and my mom grew up here. :slight_smile:

Loved your airport video!

I have loads of questions. I will PM you.