Rose 2024

I really think they just got in over their head.


Put a “bug” in Amanda’s ear :wink: She has the brain and go get em attitude needed. She seems like she’d be good at a lot of roles needed. :two_hearts:

She’s willing to help but there are some things. I’ll PM you.

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The strange thing about the baby shower was that it said it was sold out on the website, but at the event there were at least two full empty tables. It was beyond what would happen if someone’s plane was late.
Later on there was a miscommunication with the hotel about the birthday party food. I wonder if there was a miscommunication about the baby shower as well?

The awards banquet felt full and well attended, as did the birthday party. So idk about the baby shower. Everyone who came was fun and having fun, but there just weren’t a lot of non-vendors at the show.

My fingers are crossed that this was just a rough transition year onto the next big thing :slight_smile:


The conference center set up enough tables for the banquet. Which was more than the shower. So we had to scramble to decorate more tables than what was planned. And of course the stores were out of the same decorations. :upside_down_face:

The menus were all mixed up. Lol

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Oh! Well you pulled it off, it looked beautiful and it was nice to have some breathing room, I just wondered why there were extra chairs.

I have a lot of allergies and was so happy with the food. It was good, simple, and safe for me. I know it was expensive but it was delicious :yum::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: the venue overall was fantastic and I’m glad we were able to have the show there. The staff was nice and the ROSE volunteers were even better :heart:


Oh she’s lovely- beautifully done!

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Hi yall. This was my first time vending at Rose. There was a lot of vendors but just not the normal crowds. When it did not start like Black Friday shopping I was thinking “oh no” this isn’t going well.

I only sold one doll out of 12, and a few outfits or pacifier clips. Many, many vendors just did not do what they normally do.

It was sad. BUT we still had fun at the show and enjoyed the events plus we had a great trip out west and saw sites we wouldn’t have normally seen. And I loved seeing the vendors I got to see and hanging out with Jenni in the hotel.

We went to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Devils Tower, Wall Drug store, Estes Park… and many other stops along the way. And we did it traveling with great friends, Melanie Math and her sister, Cathy.


Is the pass that collapsed the one you guys took???

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No… but I would like to take that one at a later date. We mostly drove past the Tetons on the Wyoming side.

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I agree. I think the only things lacking were the communication from the show runners before hand and the lack of attendance. Other than that it was so much fun. I got to see so many people and talk shop.

I think it would be really cool if we had a show with all our supplies, handmade stuff for our dolls and classes towards growing our businesses.

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