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It seems like everyone has their limits where role play is concerned. Some things are absolutely over the top to some collectors and artists alike. I don’t really know what over the top is for me yet. I believe it grows and changes for people as they grow and change themselves. I don’t see me breastfeeding a reborn or owning a toddler but I’m pretty than sure the medical role play is just outrageous to others as well. Honestly, I don’t get squeamish about any role play, some of it just doesn’t appeal to me. All that said, I’m seriously about to invest some money in some expensive items to serve multiple purposes. I’m interested to hear thoughts about these investments and whether or not you’d indulge a desire with role play if you had the funds to do it.

Here goes my big fat creepy idea. Lol!!

First, my idea is multifaceted. I paint silicone. The dust sucks. Summer is coming which means colder indoor temperatures and thus, slower curing silicone. Now, I could buy one of those ozone maker thingers to regulate the dust, big plastic bins to cover them in between working time, and fashion my own hospital bassinet. That would cost me about the same as buying a NICU Incubator depending on the size of the ozone thing. Unbelievable right! Well, ebay has quite a few used Incubators for roughly $600 to $2,000. I found plenty of them that are in working order on the lower range of that price set. They are older models and show wear of course. I don’t care because real babies aren’t going in them.

So, this would keep dust off and allow me to use a vacuum with a filter to suck any dust that would sneak in while painting and doing surgeries. It would provide a, safer than an oven, warm environment to speed curing, and it would definitely add a lot of realism to my own experience and videos. The drawers on some of these would be perfect for storing supplies as well.

It all seems quite nuts and over the top to everyone (all of 6 people) I’ve pitched this idea to. For me, it is an upgrade in work space AND a huge enhancement for my own experience as well as other crazy people that like this medical role play.

I’ll be eventually adding drink and wet systems, armatures, and perhaps some cool extras like feeding tubes or nasal O2 lines. I’m BIG into automation and animatronics. I’ve been laying out some circuit board ideas for movement and sounds like heart beat, cooing, crying, and breathing. Again, I KNOW this is over the top for some but I also think there are others out there that would love this sort of realism. I don’t have any fully fleshed out ideas on putting these things into a silicone baby but I know it can be done because, hello special effects. I’ll likely start with vinyl babies on the automation thing and go from there.

Do you think the money invested in this venture would be worth it? I’m looking at a total of $2,000 for all starting supplies and that includes some basic electronic supplies for expiration with automation. So, would you do it if the money was there and you were into it or would you be too intimidated by the opinions of others that would find it in bad taste?


2000 dollars. What resale will it have? If it is better for the health of you and your families health, such as lungs, will it bring better mental health; if so, 2000 is nothing. I dislike drink and wet for it seems too risky will something break and mold or someone add milk. I love the idea, but this decision belongs to you alone.


I know it’s up to me. I appreciate your input! I hadn’t really thought about resale returns. I’m not sure if it would make a difference selling these babies or not. Silicones with added features like armatures and drink and wet are more expensive but this set up wouldn’t be the make it or break it on being able to do that.

The ozone maker really is a health concern. You can’t even be in the room while it is running. That’s what pushed me to find other ways to control the environment I paint in.

I think the mental health aspect is most of the benefit and desire to do it for me. I’ve had more loved ones lost in the last 5 years than I can count on one hand. All of them were people I was very close to. If I count those I wasn’t super close to, all my fingers and toes wouldn’t cover it. I have my own angel babies as well. This surgery thing sort of feels like I have some control. Like I can actually do something to rectify a situation that gives a better life. I know they aren’t alive but while I’m doing surgeries, it sort of feels like they are and it fills this void of helplessness for me.

The risks of drink and wet are real. People that buy and own them are responsible to upkeep them. If they don’t, their doll is ruined. I don’t think I really need drink and wet for myself but I’m so curious to experience at least one.

I’m still thinking this through. I’ve been mulling this over since I started in on the Ashton Drake dolls.


I think your ideas are fascinating! I know there is a market for extreme realism! You go girl!


Go for it if it’s something that you really want and will enjoy. It’s nobody’s business how you spent your money. It’s not crazier than people who buy a whole nursery setting with cribs and rocking chair and changing table. Roleplay is very common in the reborn world.

Dust is a pain in the butt with silicone, it’s a cleaver idea.

As for the ultrarealistic features, there’s always a market for that. That’s what we want to achieve in being a reborn/silicone artist.


I agree with you, I don’t like drink and wet systems either. All the ones I’ve seen have a plastic tube glued into the mouth and it doesn’t look good to me. Another thing we agree on, I would be concerned about something going wrong and dampness would cause mold. JMO.


I do think there is a market for those types of silicone. I’d say go for it! Do what is best for you, not what people think. It sounds neat! When I can afford a silicone, I’d love as many features as I could get! (And afford :laughing:)


Awesome idea! Yes do it. I love the idea of animatronics for the dolls. I’ve done a vampire doll with eyes that light up and he also has a part from a thrift store that make his body move. He is the only one that I’ve made like that. Also I love the breathing machines and heartbeat boxes as well as the Baby Sit Me App by ShellBellsChannel. She has teamed up with @stillmomentsnursery and together they have the coolest app that goes with the breathers. I’ll be first in line for your test babies, lol! Good Luck, I’ll be watching.


This would be YOUR decision. Personally I don’t think I would ever do it but then I’m not into ‘role playing’ with my dolls. If you have the money to do this and it’s what you want to do, go for it. You may become an “overnight” success or you may lose your ass cause nobody likes what you do. Life’s a gamble, sometimes you Win and sometimes you lose-------I’m not much help, sorry.


I want to see!


Me too! That doll sounds awesome!


My daughter has him. He was my first reborn and she took him like she took Frankenbaby. I made him more than 5 years ago. I did surgery on him about a year or so ago to reconnect one eye. I don’t have a way of showing a video but will see if she will bring him over to at least show his eyes.


I fear ozone machines. They work, but the room feels stale and toxic after they are done. The incubator idea could have resale, when you are done with this type of project. The incubator idea is similar to a dust collector in woodworking; which is necessary.


I think the incubator’s a great idea for all the reasons you listed. If you can afford it and it works for you, I say go for it. I’m sure some people would love ultra realistic dolls with movement. If I were going to do a baby with a drink and wet system (not that I have a clue how to do that) I think I’d put it in a silicone doll. The opening in the mouth could be farther back so it wouldn’t show when there was no bottle in the mouth, and there would be no worry about it leaking into a fabric body.


If it is your dream, go for it!


A few thoughts…
A concern about how well you’d actually be able to maneuver through the two holes in the side of an incubator. Would you actually use it this way during procedures? Seems awkward if it could be done some other way.

Would this be mostly used as a photography prop or for making surgery vids?

There must be other ways of opening an incubator that I’m less familiar with. The last time I spend time in the NICU was about 25 years ago…

Yes, this does seem similar to getting equipment upgrades for a woodworking shop. My dad decided to get a whole huge vacuum setup for his woodworking shop that can hold a massive amount of sawdust and be run alongside any of the machinery rather than cleaning up piles afterwards. It seemed like overkill for the random hobbyist, but it was a big improvement and allowed more focus on the project at hand rather than dreading or putting off the cleanup. The switch is even on a remote and the dustbag goes nearly to the ceiling.

If this type of thing would make you happy and would be a practical tool with what you do, it seems like a good idea.

You certainly don’t need our go ahead if this sounds like the way you want to work/play.

I’d personally hesitate to invest so much into space and money for my own hobbies, but I also tend to switch up my interests and drop projects unexpectedly. So you might want to consider how long you think this might hold your interest.

Guys, esp those into silicones and animatronics, have you ever thought about making special effects such as things used in professional haunted houses or the like? This has been a question in my mind for a while and I’m glad it came up in this thread. It would be a branch out from just baby dolls, for sure!


I’d imagine she could work from the top, as it would have to open to even put a baby in it. Maybe it’s for storing?

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Yeah, there has to be a way to get the baby in! Lol

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It sounds like it’s better for your health and it’ll make you happy. If it’s something you can afford and that won’t get you in trouble with future bills, definitely go for it!