Review my Care Instructions! (Adoption Form)

Please review the following and let me know if I need to make any changes. Getting ready to list some babies so I want to make sure everything is good. Thank you in advance!!

Enchanted Creations Adoption Form

Date of Birth: ________________________

Time of Birth: _______________________

Length: _____________

Weight: ________________

I, (your name) __________________ promise to care for my new addition in the best way I can. This means that I will not pull on, nor hold my baby by it’s head or limbs.
I know my baby can wear real baby clothing, but this means I also need to care for my baby as if it were real by supporting his/her head. I promise to take great care when handling my baby.
I will not submerge my baby in water, but I will clean it with a slightly damp towel every now and then.
If my baby has hair, I will be gentle when combing its hair, use a bit of water on the brush I use to comb its hair, and will not pull on its hair.
If my baby comes with an open mouth, I realize that if I leave the pacifier in his/her mouth for too long, the mouth may become damaged, and/or will remain permanently open.
I will not keep my baby in extremely hot or extremely cold areas of my home. I realize that if my new addition is kept in extremely hot or cold conditions, there is a possibility that he/she will become damaged.
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Sculpt: _______________________________________________
Brought to Life By (Artist): Sydney Peck of Enchanted Creations


In my care instructions I also include that a baby left in direct sunlight for too long can fade the paint. (not sure if that is the case for all paints though) I also explain how dark or brightly dyed clothing (like denim) or other items can transfer onto the vinyl and stain it. I also state that lotions and oils on hands can cause the baby to become shiney over time. AND Do not attempt to braid the mohair. LOL I have added so many things in there over time. I have had people bring their baby to the beach and lay it in the sand…I have had people try to braid cornrows into the mohair and complain that the hair broke…lol…I feel like I have to constantly explain to people they are not toys or real humans so every thing they have done to damage the doll I add it in each time…LOL I have found that a lot of people don’t really know how to care for their dolls so I have to tell them every little thing I can think of that they cannot do with it. Does anyone else see this happening?


Thanks for the tips!

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I would love to see your care instructions…

Oh yes. I agree with @flymetotheisle I would like to see how yours is laid out and described…Please?

My care instructions also say
specifically DO NOT use baby wipes, cleaning solvents of alcohol to clean.
I also tell them about the joints; that the baby can be gently posed, but excessive force will cause stress on the seems and can damage the baby.


I compiled and posted care instructions that anyone can use. I tried to include about everything that can cause issues, but never thought about braiding the hair! The link is Detailed care sheet Hope that is helpful for you.


Thank you for sharing this again…a very detailed and important part of owning a reborn…you certainly touched all the bases…:heartpulse: