Reporting pedo***** to the police

Ladies, I’m sorry for posting this here, but I’m concerned about something. I have a project of making a M3gan reborn, so I’m in some groups about movie and a guy came talk to me asking her size. As I answered, he said something very disgusting as you can see. Sorry for the bad word I said.

Im Brazilian so I don’t know how the police in the States work. Do someone know if I can report him to the police? I mean, here in Brazil it probably would result in nothing, but do you think in the United States he can be investigated for pedph**lia crime? He could have prohibited videos or something like that. I don’t know. It’s disgusting.

If I can’t post it here tell me please, then I’ll delete it

(The second picture shows the real M3gan doll, that resembles a child)


I don’t think in the US anything would be done unless he were to be directly soliciting a minor online kind of thing. Unfortunately, the more time goes on the more those who practice pedophilia and beastiality are going to come out as society continues to degrade.


Wow! How disgusting! :rage:


Unfortunately I doubt the police will do anything. Reporting the account to fb is probably all you can do, and they probably won’t do much either, sadly.


So maybe he is truly into that or he is just trying to get a reaction from you and other people. People say a lot of stuff online just for attention.

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No matter what this guy’s intentions are, he is sick!
@Perdullune is he in any of the reborn doll groups? If so please report him to an admin of the group so they are aware and ban him. I would also report him to Facebook. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that you will be able to get the police involved. I have heard of creepy weirdos asking messed up questions like this to other reborn artists :frowning:


Anyone that would even want to say such a thing is a filthy perv whether serious or not. No normal person would say something like this because it’s so unthinkable.


If you Google search silicone dolls, or vinyl dolls, you will eventually run into lifelike human dolls that people have sex with. Do I think it’s normal? No I don’t but I would be very careful reporting it to the police because technically a pedophile is somebody who is hurting a child -a real human child not a doll. Just block him.

Alright well I was about to get lunch but my appetite is totally gone. :nauseated_face:

I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

Honestly the amount of people who ask me if pedos buy my dolls is offensive. Like how does anyone’s mind go there??


Disgusting :face_vomiting::nauseated_face: block block Block! Ugh.


I had something similar …they asked me if the baby has a hole on the b-- . It was a male in one of the reborn FB groups…how did he got approved at all ? I mean we are inclusive , but when you let someone joining a group especially male I would definitely look it up before approving .

Sad sad sad


Sadly this kind of thing has happened to me. I almost stopped making babies because of it a couple years ago. There was some diaper fetish person, and I have had some very odd requests and questions, not as vulgar as you experienced but it is a very real issue.

There is a group of men who look specifically for toddler and older dolls.

I would just block him an move on, not much to be done for it or about it.

I am so sorry you had to deal with that, not fair at all.

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I doubt the police would do anything, not sure if the laws in US but in the UK they are a bit slack.
My daughter at age 13 was being groomed online by a guy who worked in a local supermarket, he had seen her in the store with her dad and found out her name, he looked her up online and found her newly created account on Facebook and started messaging her, she replied as she was being polite but she never told me or her dad.
I happened to go in her room one day and saw she had left her laptop on and I saw all the messages, I questioned her and called the police and although they investigated him and took his computer he got away with it because he hadn’t arranged to meet my daughter, so basically they can say/type what they like no matter how disgusting but they have to show intention to harm a child by arranging to meet them in order for police to act!!! Crazy

And since it’s a doll and not a child then I doubt it’s even illegal


Ive had this happen. An older guy ordered a custom toddler. I figured it was for his kid. Then he started showing me a doll he had already. Innocent enough except in the photos the doll was dressed in an adult womans lacey nightie.

Then he kept sending me photos of little girls in full beauty pagent outfits talking about how cute they are.

And THEN he mailed some very skimpy outfits to me to try on the doll and send him photos before i shipped her.

Soooo. I asked him if it was for a child or for him. It was for him. This was a grown man in his 50s.

I told him it made me uncomfortable and that i wasnt going to send him the doll.

I collected all the emails and took them to the police. They couldnt do anything but they did take down his information and told me his actions were suspicious.

I still have the doll. And the night i reported him to the police i never heard from him again.


This is just gross.

This guy has at least three accounts on FB. :face_vomiting:

This is the reason I don’t make anatomically correct dolls (even newborns). This is probably inflammatory, but why do you need an anatomically correct baby doll(apart from teaching purposes). It might be ‘ultimate realism’ but why are you keeping your doll naked to look at it like that? If going for realism, you don’t keep real babies naked? They’ll cause a mess! :sweat_smile:

There is a doll artist in Tasmania that was sent a toddler and child size silicone doll to work on and when she received and undressed them, she discovered they had been ‘abused’. She sent the dolls to the police because it is five years imprisonment if you have a child s*x doll. The people that originally had the dolls were ‘ma and pa silicones’


I had no idea these types of dolls were illegal.

I remember a while back there being a big debate around them being something that could curb that impulse in some people.

I know for a fact that these dolls exist and what the purpose of them is and I now can’t unknow it. It makes me feel physically sick.

Like I said I had a moment where I just thought I would stop because I didn’t want to accidentally be a part of anyones weirdness.

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I’m not sure if it’s illegal in the US the 5 year thing is is Australia.

I actually worked on a study with paroled ped
////philes (it wasn’t enjoyable) and the consensus was that most of them thought both the dolls and p///rnography exacerbated the issue, rather than being an outlet. Somewhat like a gateway drug


Maybe that is why it was so controversial here. I think that promoting a dangerous activity instead of educating is a problem. What a difficult study to be a part of. Glad you you did it but sorry you had to.

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