Reporting pedo***** to the police

No one wants to be the one to do it, but it’s good to have the information available if someone decides to make more/stricter laws. We did most of the interviews in 2021 and the actual written study is still being put together. I want to see all of it in the final form, but not sure if I can read through it all again. Maybe someday :grimacing:

In terms of the doll, the one I see around most often is Babyclon’s silicone toddler Leiden who is 30 inches tall. Even knowing she is a doll, seeing her sweet face is heartbreaking

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I believe this is true. Not just because they themselves know this and say so, but if we remember Ted Bundy…he was a rapist and murderer of women. He said in his last interviews that he began with just looking at porn, and then that wasn’t enough, and he began to escalate until he was raping and murdering women for gratification. The problem of all this is that the person gets to a point where they can’t keep it to themselves and have to go after the real thing. The brain is not always able to tell/discern the difference between real and fake, after a point, if certain bad behaviors are entertained. Bundy also talked about that. The ego gets involved and stuff can really get out of control. It’s about the mind (the place where our thoughts begin, even before we act), and where it is allowed to go. All nasty stuff begins in the mind before it becomes an act. Domestic violence often works the same way. If a person ignores inhibitions and begins justifying that what they want to do is ok, trouble often comes. For some people, a little bit of this or that is not enough, and more is needed, and then more is not enough, and then more and more are not enough, and then there is no more control. If we did not let our minds go to certain places to begin with, there would be a lot less risk of thoughts becoming actions and becoming out of control. This goes for many things that become a serious problem. All of this can be likened to addiction. An addiction dies if not fed. Feed it and it grows. Everyone has a conscience that tells them what is wrong and right, and how much is too far. If we ignore that little voice in the conscience, we are potentially playing with fire. We need to discipline our minds by listening to the quiet voice in our conscience before we stop being able to hear it.


I’m so sorry this happened to your child. It feels powerless… If police can’t to much about it, I hope life gives him and these kind of people what they deserve.

I am never shocked by how sick so many men ( and a miniscule fraction of women) are
For example
they dont want male morticians handling women if at all possible because they SA the women and children
Also animal rescue places have stopped hiring men, no words needed for this one

So I am not shocked by a doll at all

This world is so saturated by sex that normal sex isn’t enough anymore. The glimpse of a woman’s ankle used to be scandalous and now … now it’s everywhere and the details of it are all out in the open for everyone… nothing is sacred anymore :pleading_face:


For women yes, its all normal.

For men no, they have not been taught to control their impulses and they feel like they have a right to everything, everybody, with no recourse. They have been given total control and women, children,and animals suffer.

Blame women for showing their ankle? Hair? Skin? Breathing? Just having a body? Doesnt need to be alive. Do you blame the baby for being too sexy?. What about the puppy or kitten? Its MEN! And I love men, believe me. But there is a huge problem in this world and its the Y chromosome and its dominance over everything. Anger, aggression, 99% of all crimes are men. Until we can address the problem they will never change. 80% of most sex crimes are not reported because they dont have consequences.

Its not sex that is the problem. Its dominance,control, getting their way always
The human body is beautiful, look at the famous art that is around. Nakedness doesnt mean sex
They need help, we need to help them, not teach them that they should be reacting to breasts or ankles or skin.


:scream::scream::scream::scream: Seriously? I was already disgusted after reading about male morticians not being hired for this reason, cameras used otherwise… but now this?? Nauseating.