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Because and just because…

I am feeling very moved today, it could be that I am riding high on hormones, that the weather changed, that I had a really nice piece of cake for breakfast, I can’t say.

I do say this with my whole heart. The Reborn community is an awesome group of humans. We are not all alike, and some of us have things we are working through and some growing to do as human beings (don’t we all, myself included) but life doesn’t hand us all an equal hand and some of us are forced to navigate in storms others don’t, we all have a story.

I would have never thought this would be a big part of my life, ever. I didn’t even know it existed a couple years ago.

I entered a snob. I hate to admit that but I did. I apologize for my crap posts when I first started.

I am humbled by the kindness, the connections and the gracious generosity.

Look around ladies, we are on the fringe… gotta get real with that.

It’s a good fringe and who would think that making babies would be so much fun and create a community of some damn interesting and awesome people.

I had hoped to be at ROSE this year but had to do a last minute cancel (so sad about it). I wondered how I would fit in, I am not easy going, super happy and sweet, I don’t eat ice cream, I have never seen GOT, I don’t belong to a church, I am super liberal and (aggressively) feminist, I can be long winded and dark, bossy and annoying… But I had a feeling it wouldn’t have mattered, that it would be about sharing, meeting each other, showing our work, photos of our kids, learning new techniques, maybe staying up late eating pizza and complaining about husbands, and laughing about things people who don’t do this would never understand (doll geek out).

Those of you going have a blast, take lots of photos, collect stories and come back and share it all with all of us.

It is good to be a part of this whole baby thing.


Thank you for such a positive post!



I am probably opposite of you :slight_smile: I belong to a church. I am an introvert; quiet and kinda melancholy. I am conservative and not outspoken. I keep to my small circle of friends and family. That said…I am sure we would have a blast together! It’s all about connections, and finding that one thing (or a few) that brings us together.

Maybe next year I can meet up with some of you ladies at ROSE. I am definitely planning on next year!


Love you for saying that!

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That’s very sweet. I think we got a lovely community going here. Everyone is very kind and accepting. I feel like I’m quite different from the rest of the people here, too. But that’s okay. We’re all unique and we’re all crazy about dolls.


I wish I could go to Rose as well but its hard for me to travel…maybe I can manage it someday. Im also a liberal and not religious but I do like ice cream and the theme to GOT is my ring tone. I don’t talk about it though, unless it comes up in conversation Im not a total geek but I do quotes every now and again. I can be shy but once you get me going you will wish you had not :wink:
I would love to sit around and talk reborn shop with people, that would be awesome!


Love this! I can’t wait for the opportunity to geek out for everyone next year. I wish I could go this year too.


I feel the same way. So many kind people here sharing with each other. I’m a very quite shy person. I am so honered to be a part of this forum. I would really love to be able to make it to the ROSE show next year.


I think I am a weird mix of @Gabriell and @Mommarobin. It takes all kinds of people to make up this big old world and it would be pretty boring if everyone was the same and agreed with each other all the time. That said, most people i’ve Met here have been very nice to me and I hope I’ve been nice to them. I’ll never get to Rose so i’ll Have to remain friends from afar. If you’re going have a blast and take pics.:kissing_heart:


Yes I agree with you what a wonderful community to share our passions with each other about our love of dolls, our love of babies and our love of creating them! We are so different and we are all so alike, and it is so wonderful to be a part of the community. I love you guys and always look forward to talking with you all!


@katieperry More Love back to you, Katie! :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

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((hugs)) G

I so wish my hugs were in person and not online. :heart:


What an amazing post. It just shows that we are not all alike and we can get along and have grace with each other. I’m the opposite of you @Gabriell. I’m a Christian I love Jesus and put Him first above all else. Because of that I’m made to feel left out. But it’s okay. It’s more than worth it. I will never deny Him. With that said though I am very shy I don’t fit in easily. But I try! Lol. Even when we went to IDTS it was easy to see so many had favorites and didn’t care to get to know us. But again it’s okay lol. I’m so sorry your not going to ROSE. We live in Florida so we plan to continue to go to idts.
It was a huge learning experience and I had never seen so many wonderful reborns. What is GOT?


Oh, good. I’m not the only one that doesn’t know what GOT is. Lol



Okay ty!! I don’t watch all that much tv. I like those dumb hallmark romantic movies! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::palms_up_together:

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I don’t even have TV. Don’t miss it one little bit.


I’m with you Jean! I’ve told my hubby many times I could easily live without tv but he’s not really good with that idea :joy:

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I am more introvert than extrovert. I lean heavily to the left and believe strongly in human rights and equality. I lean toward spirituality moreso than religion. Before I discovered reborns, my favorite hobbies were reading, writing, music, theatre, board games, video games, and digital photo manipulation/ graphic design. I love the fact that we put our differences aside and unite through our passion for this art form. I hope to be able to afford to attend Rose and meet some like minded doll folks someday.
Edited to add: I have actively avoided GOT as I avoided TWD before it.


I AM doing ROSE next year! and I am going to have a table close to you so we can eat cake and gossip the whole time! ((((you are awesome))))