Realborn labels

I have a realborn Dominic kit n other realborn kits that only has the name on the label n not realborn. Has anyone else received realborns with just the name on the label n not the word realborn? It’s not a seconds either.

The label on the bag that tells you what kit it is.

There is no other Dominic, why bother? The name is on the bag so they know they are sending the right kit.

Because it does not say realborn, it just say Dominic.

Yes, but considering that there is only one Dominic there is no problem, is there? or are you suggesting that the kit you received is not Realborn Dominic?

It’s just factory/warehouse ID. The label on the bag is irrelevant; you are not sending that to your customer. What is important is what it says on the certificate, and I am sure it says Realborn Dominic.

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May be irrelevant to you. But if I wanna list him as a realborn with his coa, trade him or sell him unpainted. He is considered a realborn n the label on the bag should say REALBORN DOMINIC n not just Dominic. If he was to be a seconds, it should say seconds like the rest of the seconds realborns I have.

I only have Dominic awake here but checked it and all my other realborn kits and they all say realborn on the bag sticker…

But I can not see that being a big deal. You have the COA and it says realborn… unless it is a 2nds then you wouldnt have the coa but the flanges of the kits say realborn _____ on them


Was he one of the kits they sold at the seconds price because they said they didn’t have time to check them?

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I think the considered all those to be seconds if I am not mistaken.

My Dominic bag didn’t have Realborn.

Many LE kits just coming in a plain ziplock or those clear bags. I don’t think the bag matters as much as a COA.


No, I didn’t buy any kits doing that time. I have had him for a while.

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As long as you have the COA that is all that matters on a resell.


I thought all the bags said realborn with the name. That’s why I was questioning the label. I have seconds realborns n they say seconds realborn. I just wanted to make sure n know that he is a first guality if I sale him, trade him etc.

I do have the coa.

OK, now I am going to check mine, BRB.

Maybe it depends on who inspected it.

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Then he will be fine to resell.

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On seconds kits they write in “2nd” with a pencil on the label.

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Right, they do.

I just think it’s odd that mine doesn’t say realborn, I know it’s a realborn tho.

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Sent you a PM.

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