Ready to quit, so upset (resolved)

@RebornsbyCaro made a good point about the hip displasia. I have a Goldendoodle and we had X-rays done to have a look at his hips. It’s very common in their breed and can be really bad on the animal and your pocket book if they get it.

You will love a Golden retriever. So very gentle and sweet. Some listen, but some do not though. Lol. They also love stealing things! Your glasses, the remote, socks, socks and more socks! My dog Charlie is a trip! But he’s the best companion I could of ever asked for. He was a dog I rescued. He was only 20 lbs at a year old. He’s now over 60lbs at 2! Lol. He was nothing but bones poor baby.
Good luck and I hope you get the deposit money that you need!

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I’m sure you already know about them but have you tried an anxiety or weighted blanket?


@RebornsbyCaro I have and it’s amazing! I can’t sleep without it. Helps with pain and anxiety for me.

Hope you can get things straight, I hate for you to quit but I totally understand frustration. Word of caution, human hair leaks too. I had dye to bleed on the ears of a doll I was making for my neighbors daughter. I stopped and washed it. After it dried I had to used flesh paint a few times to cover it up and bake with the hair covered in a wet towel. it worked but was a pain. I now wash the wefts and dry before cutting the hair away and rooting them

I have but I don’t find them helpful.

I already have a little thief so that’ll be nothing new lol. My kitten steals everything and puts it down when the dog can get it.

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So sorry this has happened. I hope it all works out in the end. All the best, Gail

Update! I talked to the supplier and she said it was probably the boiling water and she added that to her packaging so no one else has that happen. And she offered to send me a new batch of hair, even though I didn’t ask or really want her to do that lol I’m so grateful


What about adopt a puppy from a shelter?

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We can’t. We’ve tried multiple times, none will let us adopt because we live in an apartment.


Oh wow! I didn’t know animal shelters have restrictions like that. :frowning:

Not all of them do, but the ones here do for sure. It sucks, but it’s okay. We got a fantastic pup from a breeder for the same price as adopting a shelter dog (adoption fees at shelters are like 500$+ which is what we paid for our purebred beagle pup)
I understand that not all breeds are good for apartments, especially small apartments. But we have a big apartment and a fenced in backyard, but they hear apartment and don’t listen to anything else after that. We have pit bulls and collies and Newfoundland dogs here in my building, and all of them are fine. But for some reason the rescues are against all apartments. Don’t understand why.


Where do you live? Are you in the USA? I ask because i am currently training my own service dog. Its legal in the USA

I’m in Canada. I could train the service dog myself, but I still need to work with a place that does the ready trained dogs because there are tests it would need to take. It’s also a matter of getting my doctor to sign off on one, she is very hesitant to do anything at all for me. But if I were to get a service dog we would definitely be training it ourselves. Most autism service dog programs here are for kids 3-18, which I’m too old for, and they also have wait lists so long that they’re closed until 2020, and then you can apply for the approx. 4-6 yr wait on the list.

Ahh! Yes different people respond to differently. I really hope it all works out for you

Congrats on your Tinky Sale

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m so happy that she sold

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Wow! Adoption fees are only $25 where I live and they have $5 days when it’s over-full

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Wow, if only I lived there lol I’d have so many dogs :rofl:

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Come to Kentucky!! We need people to adopt all of these dogs and includes spaying and neutering. . :blush: