Ready to quit, so upset (resolved)

I’m so done today. I was having a good day before all this happened. I was re-photographing Tink so I could relist him. I noticed that some paint had come off his fingers and one ear looked like it had been stained. He’s an ethnic baby so those things are difficult to fix, not impossible but difficult enough that I decided to strip him. First I had to remove his hair. So I boiled water to remove the glue from the inside. When I lifted his head up to dump the water I noticed a huge black stain on my towel and some on my fingers. His hair was leaking dye. I don’t know how I didn’t catch this earlier because I wet the hair frequently while rooting and I wash it before I start. It’s still fixable though, but I used the same hair to root another baby and now I’m terrified that she’ll have the same problem. I really need a sale and I’m heartbroken right now. I’m ready to quit, I think. I don’t even know what to do. I don’t want her to be ruined too but I don’t know how to fix it. I’m trying to save up to put a deposit on a puppy. That isn’t happening now, I don’t think. Without these 2 dolls to sell, I have no way to get the money.
Sorry for the rant, I’m just so upset.


Oh no :frowning: That sucks! I really hope you can fix your Tink!

What hair was it? I never think to wash the mohair before I use it

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I can fix him, I’m sure of it. I’m just worried about Smilla who’s rooted with the same hair. I don’t know what to do about that.

I’m not gonna say brand name til I talk with the supplier. I’ve already let her know so we’ll see what she says.
I always wash darker colors, just in case. I’ve never had a problem before this though. I don’t know why it leaked dye now and not the other times that it got wet.

I hope so. I really needed a sale but now I have to pull 2 of my 3 dolls down til I can get this sorted. Tink needs to be completely redone now, due to the paint issues. Smilla I’m hoping will be okay but I don’t want to sell her and risk the customer having an issue.
I was really looking forward to putting my deposit on a puppy, but now I have to pass on it. I just found the perfect litter too, and I had the time to save up but it’s so unlikely now that I just give up.

Is it possible the dye just ran because it was boiled. If so it’d be unlikely to happen with smilia.


It’s possible, but it looked as though it stained his ear before that. I didn’t have him on or around anything dark. I’ve contacted the supplier and asked that exact question, because that’s all I could think of too. I’ll let you guys know what she says when I hear back from her.

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Heat opens hair cuticles. When the cuticles open, color molecules are released. Have you ever dyed your hair and noticed color in your bath or shower water after the first few washes? The hair you used was probably freshly dyed. Boiling water really opened those cuticles.
(FYI- when you color your hair, especially with red, it’s best to never wash your hair with hot water. Only luke warm or cool. It will help your color last longer ( I used to be a hair stylist).)

I’m really sorry this happened. You need to send me your address so I can send you a couple of things that might make you feel better. :blush:


Thanks for the insight, I really appreciate it! My Smilla is okay :blush: Which is good because she’s had a lot of interest so far, so I’m hoping she’ll sell quick.
I sent my address in a pm already, but maybe you didn’t get it. I can send it again if you need it.


Yeah I don’t think I got it. Or maybe I just didnt see the notification.

Your other baby should be fine as long as they don’t wash her hair with hot water or boil her head. Lol.

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Check your messages and if it’s not there I’ll send it again :slight_smile: Maybe I sent it to someone else by mistake and confused the heck out of them :rofl:
Thanks so much :blush:


@MilosMeadows Do you know what and why happened with paint? As far as I saw in all your posted pictures Tink was just sitting next to your other babies.

Probably an issue with oven temp, my oven is spotty sometimes and needs to be replaced. Probably happened while changing his clothes.

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Oh I’m so very sorry for this. I have no idea how to root so i have no pointers for you but I am waving my invisible pompoms and cheering you on…please don’t give up. Take a break.

What kind of puppy are you hoping to put a deposit on?

Thanks, I appreciate it!
We’re going to be getting a golden retriever, I need a bigger dog for the weight. I have a beagle that I love very much but she’s only 20 lbs and doesn’t like to cuddle. So not much help when I’m having a bad day and need the weight. I have autism and would get a service dog if I could, but they’re very expensive so we could never afford one. So the next best thing is having a nice pet dog that I can hug and cuddle with when I need it.


I have had this happen! Rinse any dark colored mohair with hot water- it’s not too late for any that you have already rooted- just put them under hot water being careful of course not to wet the dolls open eyes and cloth body ect. I have done this on more than one occasion! Hope you can fix your Tink!! I melted a sold out Sunny kit once- and cried!

I always do, but it didn’t happen then. I will wash her up tomorrow just to be certain. Messing up kits is the worst, especially on a limited budget. I’m just glad I have some winsor newton on the way in the mail already because I have some other dollies to fix up. Tink will get the priority over them lol I’m probably gonna do him as a caucasian baby this time as my ethnic babies don’t seem to sell well.

Yes! Goldens are lovely :heart: I know a lot about dogs. ( cats too!)
To save your ypurself some trouble in the future, I’d get one that comes from parents whose his are certified. This is done when the parents are two and the vet clears them of hip displasia. It doesnt absolutely guarantee yours wont have it but it significantly reduces the risk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for the advice, I will definitely ask the breeder about that to be sure. Right now we have nothing really planned. I just found the ad today and I’m gonna try and save up enough in time. I’ve just been having significantly more bad days lately and that’s really the only thing that helps. My pup will not snuggle at all, and I can’t just go around begging strangers to let me hug their dogs :rofl: If I miss out on this spring’s pups I’m probably going to have to wait til next year and I don’t know how that will go for me.

Aww I hope something works out for you :dog:

I hope so too. I don’t know what else I’ll do if it doesn’t lol