There’s a nursery named Psalm91Art (in Singapore) on There are 3 Twin A babies for sale. They have different names, but they all look the same to me. It says she’s been on for two years, with no verified sales, but I know these dolls haven’t been listed for that long. Does anyone else think these current listings might be questionable?

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She may have joined long ago as a buyer? I have seen other sellers post what looks to be the same baby under a few different listings. She could have been selling on reborns for awhile and hidden any previously sold babies?

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I had account on Reborns before I started to paint and sell. My ‘age’ on reborns reflect how long I had my account.
I am sure it’s the same for that girl.

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That it dishonest behavior that Dave allowes. I see some artists post a girl and a boy listing for the same painted doll in different outfits. Thus - appearance of experience and sales, if 1 doll is adopted.


What bothers me more on Reborns today that Natali Tsybina’s daughter, the one that mom said reborned and sold illegal open eyes April, is on Reborns now.


She will be in trouble if she sell two of them at the same time to the same customer…


I’ve been on there for a 2-3 years and I have very few verified sales. Most of mine sell on Facebook or end up on layaway.

Yep. But don’t call those people out for that or you will get in trouble for tattle taling…or your friend who didn’t do it will get in trouble. :rofl:


I guess I’m just overly wary.


Live and learn, right :wink:

I think they might be 3 different babies. The eyebrows and stork bites look slightly different and one seems to have lighter lips.

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If you message Dave about the suspicious listing, he will contact the artist or take it down. I figure if people are going to “rat me out” about my watermarks I can and do do the same for any counterfeit dolls I see listed :slight_smile: He takes my pics down quick but in all fairness I can say he takes the counterfeits down too when someone points them out.

I won’t report anybody unless I’m certain it’s not a valid listing. I wouldn’t want to cause any problems for any legitimate artist.


Maybe you can just ask, too.

“I saw that you have 3 Twins for sale that looks very similar to me, are they the same doll?”

I would not be mad if someone ask me something like that,and I would prefer that to be pointed out to Dave.

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Sounds like a story behind this. :wink:

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The 3 twins look like the same baby but I made a Johannah I made 4 times that looks identical because I have many customers requesting it. I always stay out of situations like this and the only time I report people is when they steal mine or my friends photos of their artwork and try to pass it as their own.


I just checked out the baby, and it says to ask for the price. I guess she altered the listing.

Yep. Sure is. :wink:

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I contacted her with a question about the 3 dolls. I got no response. I contacted her again, saying I was interested in purchasing one of them. This is how it went.
17:57 EST (Me) I’m interested in purchasing this baby. Can you tell me why you use the same doll 3 times with different names? I want to know that I’m actually getting what I’m seeing.
18:00 EST (Seller) Hi, there.Yes there are my dolls, my reason is post the 3 same dolls, because, I hope to sell them faster. But please no doubts for my baby. I am not a scammer.
18:09 EST (Seller) Posting the same 3 pictures in 3 times, I just only hope to sell her fast. This is my reason. I packed the baby in advance, Once payment is made, I will ship out, the next day with tracking number, Hope you don’t mind again for posting 3 times.
18:22 EST (Seller) I posted 3 same baby, I mean no intention, just wanna sell my baby fast. Best Regards, JESD

Then she blocked me.


Some people think that they are smarter or better than the rest of us who follows the rules. :frowning: