She will get in trouble, like I said, if someone buy 2 of them to get twins. She will have to explain herself, refund and deal with an unhappy customer. Karma.


I am not using these days and do not quite understand how posting the same doll three times sells it faster. Is she listing the same doll and saying the baby has never been posted before to get it to show on the front page as just born for a longer period?

She’s listing the same doll 3 times with different names. IDK if she says it hasn’t been listed before. Because it’s listed 3 times it will rotate to the front page more frequently.

Have you brought this to Dave’s attention? I have had my fair share of disagreements with him, but I know he would take care of this if he were aware of it.


I just got another message from her. I had asked what if I want to buy two of the three listed. This is her answer:
‘Yes sure, I can sell you this same two baby you want to buy. (2 Twin A). And they are ready to ship. Hope you are not just kidding with me.’ This is after she told me all 3 pictures are of the same doll. She hopes I’m not kidding with her!? She must be a magician on the side. Dollars to doughnuts, if I ordered two dolls from her, that I’d get those cheap, funky plastic things from China and be out close to $700. I will be bringing this to Dave’s attention.


When I have asked questions to artists through that site, no one has ever acted like I might be joking.

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Maybe it’s a language barrier and she wanted to say something like she has 3 babies of the same sculpt?

You can ask her for a picture of them together :wink:


Request a safety picture with them together. If she only has 1 but posted it 3 times then she wouldn’t be able to provide that.


I’m curious to know what happened with this.


I contacted Dave. She took two of the pictures down.


Her wording sounds off to.

In fairness, I think there’s a bit of a language barrier.