Putty paci pulling gloss off

I made a putty paci for Skya and it started to pull the gloss off her lips. :persevere: It’s the white Elmer’s brand. What else can I use for a paci for her? Anything other than putty?

You can put in a magnet. I use Locktite putty for pacis and have had no problems. It is blue though, so hard to see if it is pulling something off.

I used e6000 for glue on magnets On the pacifiers, but now I always use the Hunnybee pacis…the magnet doesn’t touch the lips

Her mouth is a little open so a magnet would be difficult to place on the inside. I put the paci on and off a few times and it started pulling the gloss off like a sunburn would peel.

Maybe I’ll try the ear plug paci I saw.

I prefer magnet pacis. Maybe I will take her part and try to put the paci lower like near her chin. :face_with_monocle:

For Skya, I just cut the pacifier so it’s a modified pacifier because her mouth is a little opened.

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Do you have pictures so I can understand better?

I don’t have any photos, but I just cut half of the pacifier of a preemie sized pacifier or a NB sized pacifier and it fit in her mouth.

Do you mean the clear silicone nipples or the harder silicone type pacis?

Sorry I’m having a hard time imagining how to cut it.

Do you mean cut the tip of the paci off?

I cut off the tip and yes the soft clear silicone pacifiers, the small newborn/preemie sized ones

Ok gotcha. Thank you!

May I ask what gloss did you use?

I used this gloss without shaking on a few dolls and it was pretty glossy. I shook it well and used it on Skya and I’ve done a few coats and it’s not very glossy at all. So I’m confused about that.

You have to stir it, I learned that the had way like you. :scream:

First picture on Shyann I did one coat and it was this glossy. I did 3 coats on Skya to get them glossy and the first two coats didn’t even look much different. I don’t know if what makes it glossy was more concentrated at the top from not mixing it before using it.


I guess I was used to the shine from one coat so after I shook it and used it I’m like what the heck is going on. Lol

I use that gloss too and only need one coat but my bottle looks different. Mod Podge Satin works well too.

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