Putty paci pulling gloss off

You can make a magnetic paci for Skya. Just put the inside magnet behind where her tongue is. When the glue dries put another magnet on the outside of her mouth. Then hold the pacifier up to her mouth where it will sit properly. Then lift up the edge just a little bit to see where you should glue the magnet onto it. If you put the magnet on her chin. with the magnet in the middle, it will hang on her chin, not her mouth. I hope this makes some sense. lol

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I was playing around with it but I was worried the magnet wouldnt be very secure not glued flat to the vinyl. Maybe I gave up too soon. I use e6000 and a lot of it. Stinky stuff. I’ll take her head off and try it. Thanks.

I did go ahead and glue all my magnets on the pacis a while ago to save me time so maybe this was the issue. I’ll have to buy more and see if I can figure it out.

Mine has a magnet. I use large magnets in the head though
This is with a honey bug pacifier with the magnet inside it.


This is the size of the magnets I have and they are strong. I looked it up after I was having trouble and I saw some people using alternative pacifiers so I assumed Skya wasn’t able to take a magnet paci. I’m glad to hear otherwise.

Those should work just fine inside the head. I was able to put a magnetic paci on Twin A so Skya shouldn’t be a problem at all :slight_smile:

I put strips of Dr Scholl’s Moleskin crosswise on the inside magnet, after the glue dries, to make it more secure.

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You might be able to get those magnets off the other pacifiers and use them.

That’s a awesome idea! I’ll have to get some moleskin.

I love the earplug pacis, I’ve never had a problem with them bothering paint or gloss (I use dimensional magic.) If you prefer not to use a magnet, give the earplug paci a try!!


Do you mean the foam earplugs or the moldable type? Thanks!

watching–curious about these earplug paci’s too

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