Putting veins on reborn baby doll

How to put veins on reborn doll using paint or prismacolor pencil

Use thin paint and a small liner brush to apply the veins

Thank you

As above & see CustomBabyDoll on facebook. Kim has a good free tutorial with lots of other good stuff. Hope this helps

@jlesser has a great pen to do veining. Maybe she will pop on and post a pic! :heart:

Sorry, that should have been Custom doll baby. I’m old & easily confused !!

It is light Cerulean blue.
Tiffany posted about in a few years ago.


Prismacolor markers have a dye-based alcohol ink. I’m curious as to how they’d work over air dry, since y’all use alcohol to strip? I have a whole bunch of them-- I’ll try to do a test this weekend :blush:

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