In depth inspections of your newer kits needs to be done. Several of us have found that our newer kits Alyssa, Callie, Felicity, Ruby & Steven to name a few have been painted in areas to cover blemishes BEFORE LEAVING THE FACTORY. This paint seems to be air brushed on in various areas to cover defects to improve the appearance of the kit parts.

The kits passed BB inspection because the paint blends into the kit and is not visible to the naked eye. Some areas can be felt as the thicker painted areas have a slightly different texture but being an avid knitter it’s hard for me to feel a difference lol. I found that by putting my rooting lamp inside my kit pieces I was able to more easily spot the painted areas invisible to the naked eye. @Katinafleming used a flashlight with similar results.

Some of the painted areas are covering small black dots that may or may not be a problem depending on thier location. Please document any painted areas and flaws if any found underneath and contact bountiful baby to see how to proceed. I imagine this is going to cause some issues with BB :pleading_face: it makes me sad because I don’t think they had any knowledge of the issue or it definately wouldn’t have gotten past them. With all the issues going on in the world and price increases I’m hoping this can be handled respectfully and graciously and there aren’t any hurt feelings.

At first I was ok with it since it’s just a kit for myself most likely. But after trying to remove all the paint from areas I found I got annoyed and wanted replacement parts or a refund or something. But now that I’m seeing how big of an impact this could have on BB I’m rethinking that. I’d rather deal with a few small imperfections that may not even be noticeable than to have to see them raise prices to cover the cost of something that was done to them as well :disappointed: I enjoy this hobby way to much and my side hobby of kit collecting (hoarding) to see prices raised even more to the point I may not be able to afford my passions anymore.

I’ve bought expensive kits from other stores and have found small imperfections that we are expected to accept as part of the process. BB has always been so good at inspections and replacements that we rarely have seen issues. I’m sure BB will do everything they can to maintain their reputation. We just need to be patient and understanding considering the situation.

BB acknowledges issues with kits


Thank you for making this post! Very well put. I saw the post about issues with Ruby but didn’t realize other kits were affected too. I just contacted them about my Alyssa kit having paint and smelling bad. Sad to see this happen but I’m concerned about what’s in the vinyl if that factory was trying to cover things up. Not sure I would want a replacement if it’s the same thing :confused: Is anyone else struggling to get the paint to show in pictures? I wanted to send BB pics or post them here but my phone isn’t capturing the difference between the vinyl and paint. Hopefully BB can figure this out. They’ve been a great company!


I feel bad for BB. They clearly didn’t know about this and the factory is cheating them.
I wonder if the factory workers know that the kits will be painted by artists? Blank vinyl can take paint very differently than painted areas. Did they really think no one would find out about their deception?


I’m thinking they were trying very hard to please BB with their lower rate of imperfections. They probably lose money for flaws in the vinyl etc. I’m sure they have no clue how involved the reborning process is. Maybe they just thought BB would be spraying more paint on them and selling them at Walmart as play dolls. You’ve seen the painted knock off kits and the effort put into those right? Minimal. I’m sure BB has set them straight now.


I hope the shipment that BB is about to pay on is not full of the same flaws and the factory is being dishonest about it, too.


I wonder if they’ve ever toured the factories. I’d love to see a video on how the kits are made. That would be so awesome.

Im sure the inspection process will be extremely detailed on any future shipments! Maybe more offerings of seconds in our future :hugs:


I’m not sure about older factories, but I assume they haven’t toured this new one yet because of Covid. Not sure how strict China is in their Covid rules currently, but I don’t think it’s easy to travel there.
I’d love to see a video of how it’s all done as well!

I was so sad to hear about Ruby specifically having troubles as she was a Realborn I was planning on getting! I love her disturbed expression :joy:

Just look up doll factory in China most r made the same way theres a mould and vinyl liquid is poured into it then it sets and they use pliers to pull out the hot vinyl pieces

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