*Please Note: This is a completely separate event from the Portrait Baby Contest.

I’ve had to turn a way quite a few entries from the Portrait Baby Contest due to them already have been shared on the forum. The idea was to make it fair for everyone by not revealing who the artist is who made each entry, which has understandably been a disappointing rule for those who have portrait babies they would like to enter but have already shared here.

Due to this rule and the disappointment people have expressed I am holding a small ‘Portrait Baby Giveaway’, for babies that have already been completed, in addition to the Contest. They are completely separate events from each other and you CANNOT ENTER BOTH CONTESTS WITH THE SAME PORTRAIT BABY (caps for emphasis, not yelling :slight_smile: ) You can enter both contest with different portrait babies, however.

To enter simply share your Portrait baby, and a picture of the real baby, on this thread in one post. The deadline is end of day Friday, May 11th, after which the winner will be chosen through a RANDOM drawing and announced here! The prize is a seconds Gemma kit, which I will ship for free in the US only. (If you are outside of the US you can chose to pay for the shipping if you would still like the prize.)

Hopefully this wasn’t confusing, please feel free to ask any questions you may have here as well. Thanks everyone!


I found them whew :sweat_smile: Me First Me First lol

It did say post them in this thread sooo if I am wrong Disqualify me :smile:


I’ll give it another go .


This one is kind of a roll of the dice one lol it is all luck of the draw so depends on just how lucky you are :smile: which usually leaves me out .

My son Sam and his portrait Joseph awake


This is excellent!! :open_mouth:


Thank you I had some luck with the baby and kit matching so well :blush: I am hoping to do another one of this little boy if I can get the kit I want .

You entered correctly:) Such an adorable baby and reborn baby, great match!

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I love your Beetlejuice baby! If I say his name three times will he appear in my nursery;)

Your son is so handsome and what a great match with the kit! Super cuteness!!

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Thanks ! here at our house we think they both are pretty nice too lol

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That’s the best match ever !

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Thanks !

What kit is it ?
Souvenirs…this was one of my favorite movies !

Thank you !

Here’s my entry!! LOL


Haha, that is awesome!! You did a great job with the baby!

Oh that’s hilarious !!

Sorry he lives in New Jersey with his new Mom so saying three times, don’t know what you’d get.???

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OH my gosh so cute!!!

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