Pitted vinyl

Has anyone had trouble with painting the finger or toe pads. Whenever I heat set the blush color, afterwards I have noticed a pitting . In which the color on a toe or finger looks like it has tiny dots of color. I thought it was something I did wrong , but upon stripping it and repainting, it does it again. I realize the vinyl must not be smooth in the area and therefore it pools the paint.
Anyway, I’ve had to discount a couple of higher priced kits over it. Any advice ??? If this makes sense. Thanks, Donna

I have that problem in my realborn skya kit😩 I purchase her like in November or December last year

The dreaded pits in fingers and toes. It’s very frustrating.

I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, but you can actually see , once the blush color is set, it is damaged vinyl. Ugg… its frustrating .

This has happened to my Skya too

Hands and feet are so hard to get right, so frustrating

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Lots of artists complaining about it, so you are not alone. Not that it will help with a problem, but it’s not you doing something wrong. It’s vinyl.

This has been happening to a few of my recent kits as well. I don’t like to seal before, because of the way it looks, so my only choice is to seal as soon as I see it happening. On my latest, I did a coat of look alive medium straight out of the pot over the fingers and toes and cured it. Then I took a fluffy brush and pounced on pyrolle red 08 straight out of the pot and cured it. It gave me good camouflage to resume my painting. It did add some shine, but it’s a trade off I’m willing to take.


I have been having that problem too on the hands and fingernails. I find it really difficult to make them look realistic. Are you using air dry paints?

It’s like the vinyl is shiny in those areas too I think that is why the paint is not sticking

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

At first aI thought, what in the world did I do, I always pounce and blend. It was after I stripped it I realized the vinyl has a rough spot. Lol… something you cannot see without paint on it. It’s happened 3 times recently.
Thanks Yelena.

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My first experience with pin dots was with Luxe. I managed to fix it. But I had to sell her at a discount. Since her, I’ve had several pitty kits. Most of the time I can catch it before it’s too late. I sand and varnish. If you can catch it early, it’s not noticeable at the end. You could varnish fingers and toes on every kit before starting. But sometimes the pits are all the way up the foot. It’s easier for me to just fix it when I see it now.

Oh. Its frustrating to get to that point and have to discount a lovely doll. Thank you. I will definitely try your suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are welcome, Donna! You know that you are one of my favorites and I look at every baby that you post on Reborns, so I saw that you last baby was discounted due to paint pitting. That is so frustrating, especially if you had to discount an expensive kit. Never the less that baby still looked amazing to me!

Since we are on this topic and I am dealing with non-BB vinyl right now I had to ask following:
@Katinafleming What kind of send paper, what number (or may be something else) you used to send it? Wouldn’t it leave some marks? Since it’s happens not at the very beginning, how hard it to match the paint? Or many be it’s easier to match just because it’s on toes and fingers?

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I don’t remember what kind of sand paper, just fine stuff. A nail file sometimes works too.

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When sanding, I don’t have trouble matching the paint. It usually only takes off a couple of layers, and the flakes kinda fill into holes.

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